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Just because it's akward to walk with fins on your feet walking normally, so Scuba divers walk sideways or backwards because it's easier.

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Q: Why do Scuba Divers enter the water backwards?
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Why scuba divers fall backwards out of boat?

Scuba divers fall backwards out of a boat because the tank breaks the water so they don't get hurt.

Where are most scuba divers located?

In the Water....

How do scuba divers control their buoyancy?

swallow water

Proper buoyancy for scuba divers under water is?


What kind of camera do scuba divers use?

water proof ones

Why do deep-sea divers require greater protection than scuba divers?

Because of very high water pressure.

Why do scuba divers not get crushed by the weight of water when they are diving?

They do not dive deep enough.

Why do divers fall backwards from a boat?

Divers fall backwards from a boat because it is often the easiest way to make a deep water entry from a small boat or rib.

Are scuba divers fat?

Generally no. They need to be quite fit to be able to swim in the water :)

What is the Movie about 2 scuba divers lost at sea on barrier reef?

Open Water

Why don't scuba divers dive in the water?

I'm pretty sure that is the only place they can dive.

How heavy is scuba diving equipment?

While scuba equipment is very heavy on dry land, when underwater, the weight of the equipment is alleviated on the divers due to the water buoyancy. Even weak divers have little trouble with managing the equipment.

Why cant scuba divers go 300 feet under the water?

They can. It just requires special training.

Why cant scuba divers fart under water?

I would call it the Great White Pucker Factor.

What is the qualification for scuba diver?

Most scuba divers just obtain open water certifications from recreational diver training agencies, such as PADI, NAUI, BSAC or SDI.Only military or commercial divers undertake vocational diving qualifications.

How does air pressure affect scuba diving?

Air pressure creates a 'base amount' of pressure to the scuba divers. There is the effect that it adds on a small amount of pressure as well as the water pressure.

Why do olympic divers enter a second pool of water after they dive?

to col off

Why do scuba divers need to bring oxygen tanks while fishes do not?

Because fish have gills and can breathe under water and humans do not

Why don't sky divers look for the loch ness monsters?

Sky divers use parachutes to jump from planes. SCUBA divers have difficulty searching Loch Ness because there are many inlets and lagoons, and many have so much sediment that the water is very cloudy.

How does PADI certify divers?

PADI certify its divers by having them to attend school. They have to go through a training course by being a open water diver. The National Academy of Scuba educators is a good school to go to.

How deep can a human dive under water?

Scuba divers can work at 109m if they are very cautious rising to the surface.

What is a SCUBA qualification?

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest organization who provides certifications and training for scuba divers. Levels of certifications include; open water, advanced, adventure, rescue, and master diver.

What is the name of building under water explored by divers?

Around the world there are many sites (Greece, Egypt, England, the Black Sea, etc) where buildings have become submerged, although not all of these are at a depth that can be explored by scuba divers.

Why do scuba divers wear the diving suit?

they need protection in water from dangerous animals also there is a problem in breathing so they carry gas cylinder.

Why is a tank a good container for scuba divers?

Tanks are used to hold air like you breath above water. They do go thru a filtering process that removes the water and other things in air that can harm a diver. Scuba air from a reputable source is very clean and dry.