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The small pool is a hot tub; divers go in to keep their muscles loose.

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Q: Why do Olympic divers go in the small pool after a dive?
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Why do Olympic divers go in a small pool after diving?

Divers go in the spa so they don't get cold after each dive.

Why do olympic divers enter a second pool of water after they dive?

to col off

Why do olympic divers go to hot tub after each dive?

Mainly because the pool is cold and the hot tub keeps them warm and loose instead of cold and stiff. Also allows them to focus for the next dive.

Why is the Olympic diving pool so big?

the waves/ripples created by divers are dispersed more evenly in a larger pool vs. a smaller pool which makes splash from the actual dive and ricochet from the sides more difficult to differentiate

Why do divers get into a wading pool after doing a dive off a high dive?

because the water is so cold from a high dive they go in the wading pool to warm back up

Why do swimmers in olympic diving events go to hot tub after dive?

Aside from staying in a routine if you watch some of the female divers, they leave the diving pool covering their breasts to prevent showing their nipples which harden in the diving pool. They will recheck their look after warming themselves in the hot tub.-

Why do the divers sit in a hottub after they dive?

They sit in warm water after they dive because the pool water is cold and they want to keep their muscles warm and ready to twist and turn again for their next dive.

How deep do Olympic high divers go underwater?

they go as deep as the bottom of the pool

What are the fountains for in an Olympic diving pool?

You usually see them in diving competitions. The water spouting into the pool gives the divers perspective on the distance to the surface of the pool.

What is the answer to this rebus puzzle pdoivoel?

Dive in the pool

How many feet is an olympic high dive from board to pool?

10 meters

Why is the small pool next to the Olympic diving pool?

hot pool

Why do the Olympic swimmers get out of big pool and into small pool?

loosen muscles

Where do divers dive at?

Their nearest diving pool! You have to really live near one to be able to be a diver, as there aren't many diving pools around (in the UK)

Why do the drivers get in the small pool?

It's a jacuzzi not a small pool. The water in the diving pool is quite cold and the jacuzzi helps relax their muscles and keep them warm until their next dive

What is the meaning of the word puzzle pdoivoel?


Why don't divers make a big splash when entering a pool?

Divers don't make a big splash when diving into a pool because of the way they have their bodies straightened out. It's the difference between throwing a rock into water, vs. throwing a small stick into the water.

How old do you need to be a scuba diver?

It depends.Most agencies will certify divers from the age of about 15.However, a number of agencies will certify "junior" divers at age 12, or even 10. However, they have to dive with an adult.A few (PADI, SSI) will even certify children as young as 8 to dive, but only in a swimming pool.A few hard core agencies (UTD, GUE) will only certify divers once they are 16 or 17.

What size of semi Olympic pool?

50m for full Olympic pool. 25m for half of a Olympic pool

How many marbles does it take to fill an Olympic size swimming pool?

As the Olympic size swimming pool is nearly 88,00 cubic feet. It would certainly take 120 billion small marbles to fill it

What is temperature for Olympic pool?

what is the temperature for olympic pool

How high is an Olympic high dive platform from platform to pool?

3m Springboard is 3m 5m springboard is 5m 10m Platform is 10m

How much does a dive pool cost?

Need more specifics for what your definition of a dive poo is, in Florida a dive pool simple means a poo lat least 8' in depth

How many lanes are there in a semi Olympic sized swimming pool?

In a normal Olympic Pool there are 10 lanes. I'm not too sure what a semi Olympic pool is!

How many yards is an olympic sized pool?

An Olympic sized pool is 50m