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In deference to former head coach Al McGuire, the head coach of the only Marquette squad (1977) to win the National Championship.

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Q: Why do Marquette University basketball jerseys have AL on them?
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What does AL mean on the Marquette men's basketball uniform?

In reference to Al McGuire, the head coach of the only Marquette squad (1977) to win the National Championship.

What coaches have retired after winning a NCAA men's basketball championship?

John Wooden-UCLA AND Al McGuire--Marquette

What was the roster of the 1977 Marquette University men's basketball team?

Coaches: Al. McGuire, Hank Raymonds, Rick Majerus Starters: Jerome Whitehead (C) Bo Ellis, Bernard Toone (F) Butch Lee, Jim Boylan (G)

Who played in the finals of NCAA Basketball Tournament in 1974?

In the 1974 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament, the North Carolina State Wolfpack, coached by Norm Sloan, defeated Al McGuire's Marquette Warriors 76-64.

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