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Q: Why do MMA fighters not get paid as much as boxers?
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What is the salary for beginning boxers?

An average boxer makes around 8,000, it all depends on what is an "average"... And well, it all depends on which country its happening.. in china or Korea mma fighters are better paid than boxers, some boxers turned into mma cuz of that

Highest paid mma fighters?

Lesnar by a mile....

Why do MMA fighters have so many defeats?

This is not an MMA vs Boxing post, its simply my honest opinion. Elite MMA fighters do compile the tremendous records that elite boxers do for several reasons. 1.The versatility of the sport is much greater. In boxing the winner is usually (duh) the better boxer. In MMA the winner could be the better boxer, wrestler, kickboxer, bjj player, etc depending on where the fight winds up. More overall surprises. 2.Its a newer sport and a smaller community. MMA fighters encounter each other and fighters they have each fought more often than boxers. 3. Less record protecting. You don't see top guys in mma getting as many fights with nobodies as boxers (not saying that it doesn't ever happen).

How much do MMA Fighter get paid?

depends who they are fighting and in what league, some UFC fighters make up to 150,000 dollars a fight, but like i said depends where and who you fight.

Do most pro MMA fighters wrestle before doing MMA?

Some, but not all. The most successful ones were martial artist before becoming fighters.

How long has MMA Weekly been around?

The MMA Weekly is the biggest and largest independent Mix Martial Arts fighting tournament. Many fighters earn their living as MMA fighters. The MMA Weekly has been around for 10 years.

How much does a kickboxing instructor make a month?

If you want to get paid good for kickboxing you should go overseas to Japan or Thailand or China, they all have major leagues over there. I am a MMA fighter and I have taken a fight with the UFC for a undercard fightnight and I won by submission in the 2nd and I was paid $3,000 for the fight, (before taxes). If anybody tells you UFC pays they are a liar unless you are a top star like Courture, Liddel, Jackson to name a few. Go to a MMA message board, they usually have the fighter payouts and you will see you don't make much money at all. That's why most fighters also work 9-5 jobs.

Who does a mma fighter work for?

An MMA Fighter works for the promotion with whom he has signed a contract to fight. There are many MMA promotions in the world and they each have dozens of fighters contracted to fight with them. The ultimate fighting championships (UFC) is the most popular MMA promotion in the world and is considered the place where the worlds best MMA fighters compete in.

What is The average of hours MMA fighters workout?


How do you get MMA fighters on mob wars?

you have to unlock Chicago and do a job there

What percent of mma fighters go pro?

3% in the world

Are MMA fighters gay?

No. They only have intercourse with other guys