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Blue is a popular color of uniform an umpire might wear, though not at all levels or every game.

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Because they frequently wear Blue Umpire jerseys.

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Q: Why do MLB umpires where blue uniforms?
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Where does the baseball term blue come from?

Very simple--umpires wear blue uniforms.

Why do umpires in baseball where blue uniforms instead of black uniforms?

sometimes they wear black wind breaker shirts or black suit coats, but the blue is tradtionally the colour and they are even called 'blue' by managers and players

How many mlb umpires are black?

how black umpires are there the 2013 season

What are major league umpires required to wear under their uniforms while on the job?

According to the official MLB rules, section 9, umpires are required to wear a uniform, but it does not describe what the uniform is. It is safe to assume that they all have to appear in the same clothing (hence uniform), and it cannot be deceptively similar to one of the teams' uniforms.

Why do umpires where uniforms?

cuz they like to look weird

What are the top three MLB uniforms?

Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago white Sox

What colors are uniforms for school students?

uniforms are gray and blue,red and blue

Who will be the mlb umpires for the 2010 world series?

*That should be announced after the 2010 regular season ends in October.

What brand of uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

All of the MLB players currently wear Majestic uniforms.

What color were the dodgers uniforms in 1950?

Home uniforms were white with blue lettering and trim, road uniforms were gray with blue lettering and trim.

When did mlb umpires last announce a change in the called strike zone?

Umpires do not decide or announce changes in the strike zone, that is determined by the MLB Rules Committee. The last such change by the committee was in 1996, when the lower limit of the strike zone was changed from the top of the knees to the bottom of the knees. Umpires simply call the strike zone on what THEY PERCEIVE as the size of the zone in the rules in effect at the time.

What MLB teams will have new uniforms in 2010?

San Diego retro