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Q: What are the top three MLB uniforms?
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Who cleans MLB uniforms?

The laundering of MLB uniforms varies by team. Some teams send their uniforms to private laundries that pick up and deliver the goods. Other teams have in-house services that clean the uniforms.

Do any mlb teams have green in their uniforms?

The Oakland Athletics have green in their uniforms.

How many uniforms do MLB players get?


Does every MLB team have blue on their uniforms?


What brand of uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

All of the MLB players currently wear Majestic uniforms.

Do MLB players wear new uniforms for each game?


What MLB teams will have new uniforms in 2010?

San Diego retro

Which MLB team has the most uniforms?

the San Diego Padres (4)

How often do MLB players get new uniforms?

They Usually Change There Uniforms Depending On The Weather Is Like Where They Are Playing Or If They Want To Where That Uniform In The Meantime.

How much does it cost equipment and uniforms to field an MLB team?

2 dollars

Are the rays new uniforms on MLB 08 the show?

Yes they have changed it and the new roster also

Mlb how many uniforms do players have?

Usually 2 to 3 for a home jersey a away jersey and a alternate jersey (if have one)

Where would one be able to purchase postal uniforms?

Some of the top websites for postal uniforms are, My Postal Uniforms, and Skaggs Postal uniforms. Also one of the best ways to find out where to purchase postal uniforms, is to simply ask your fellow postal workers. I hope this helps.

What are the top three most watched sports in the US by men?

in my opinion it shoud be nfl, nba, and mlb. im not really sure about hockey.

What are three schools that have uniforms?

ps307 ms313 bgs

Anything noteworthy today in history 18th of April?

On April 18, 1960, all MLB players had uniforms with the names on the back.

Who are the top 20 fastest players in the mlb?


How much is the dry cleaning bill for a Major League Baseball team?

MLB teams wash their own uniforms in on sight washing machines.

What are the current top-selling MLB jerseys?

Chipper Jones

Who are the top ten Major League Baseball players with most lifetime RBIs?

Click on the 'MLB Top 50 Lifetime RBIs' link on this page to see MLB's top 50 in career RBIs.

Name the top three major league career leaders in triples?

The top three MLB career leaders in triples are:Sam Crawford - 309Ty Cobb - 295Honus Wagner - 252

Do MLB players pay for their uniforms?

No, with the exception of Curt Leskanic who forgot his jersey one day in 2004 and had to buy one at the Red Sox official store.

What does the GU stand for on a MLB jersey?

GU is actually on NFL uniforms, and are the initials of the late Gene Upshaw. The players union president who died this past offseason.

What are some examples why uniforms are bad for students?

Dirty uniforms, ripped uniforms, and stinky uniforms.

Top ten longest home runs in MLB ever?

It was Ichiro Suzuki

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