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go to practice!

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โˆ™ 2012-08-26 04:26:41
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Q: Why do I not want to go to hockey practice anymore?
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Does Lewis want to go hockey?

he sure does

How do you date a hockey player do you just watch him practice?

Yeah, you go to his practices and games.

What is the converse for the sentence if you like hockey then you go to the hockey game?

converse is a shoe. you want the inverse, and you're an idiot.

Where can you play indoor field hockey?

Well if you want to play field hockey indoors you should go to a gym hall for indoor field hockey.

When should you release the parking brake?

When you don't want to stop anymore. When you want to go.

How can your boyfriend does not want to go out with you anymore?

there are lots of ways to know this. it could be he has no desire to touch you or kiss you. the little things that he used to do he doesnt do anymore. that's how i knew my ex didnt want to be with me anymore.

What should you do if you get typhus?

Go to the doctor of course! You don't want it to spread anymore!

Your girlfriend said she cant go out with you anymore what does that mean?

move on its over its time to find someone else, she doesn't want to be with you anymore

Where can I go online to get cheap hockey tickets?

If you want to go to a hockey game in New York, you could further ahead of time purchase tickets at Ticket Master outlets online.

How do you play hockey in club penguin?

Go to the stadium and move the puck around by walking over it. If you want to (and u can) u can wear hockey gear.

How do you say Do you want to go to a hockey game this weekend in SPANISH?

Quiere ir a un juego del hockey este fin de semana ?

Is it weird to go to a guy's hockey practice all their games are far away please help?

If you are a close friend of the guy, it would not be weird to go to his hockey practices. It may be helpful to be sure that friends are allowed to attend practices, though.

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