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The first international match of an english national team (in any sport) is a Rugby match between England and Scotland dated 1871. England choose to wear white because it was the color of the sporting activities at the Rugby school. When in 1872 the national football team made its first match, they inherited the color.

Note that untill 1980's, England's kit was all white. Just in the 1980'a Admiral technical sponsor introduced a fancy design which added blue and red elements which could erroneously recall the colors of the U.K. Flag, but are an hommage to the colors of the badge of the Football Association.

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White is the traditional colour for England, the alternative shirt is red as worn in the World Cup Final in 1966

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Q: Why do England football team wear white kit?
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What colour does the England football team wear?

White when they are playing a home game and red on a away game.

What jersey color does the Super Bowl home team wear?

The home team status alternates between American Football Conference and National Football Conference teams each year. In Super Bowl XLVI, the New England Patriots of the AFC were the home team and elected to wear their blue jerseys. As a result, the New York Giants of the NFC were required to wear white jerseys as the visiting team. But if the Dallas Cowboys were the Super Bowl home team, they would choose to wear white jerseys because their custom is to wear that color for most home games. The Cowboys also wear white jerseys for road games whenever the host team does not wear white.

Why does the German football team wear white?

It was the origianal color of Prussia.

What shirts will England football team wear at world cup 2010?

England usually play in white shirts and black shorts as first choice, but their second color is red shirts and shorts as well.

Why does the england football team wear blue?

Because the three lions crest has blue England do not wear blue. Their shirts are normally white. The only time England wore blue was at Belo Horizonte in Brazil on 29 June 1950. They lost 1-0 to the USA

Who was the first football team to wear red and white stripes?

new york giants

What colours did denmarks football team wear in the world cup 2010?

Red and white

What is the colour of the collingwood football team?

Collingwood in the Australian Football League wear a guernsey with black and white vertical stripes.

Why do England's football players wear white?

National colours. England's flag and colours are white and red and are therefore represented on their kit. Their home jerseys are white and away jerseys are red.

Why is the New Zealand Men's Soccer Team called the All Whites?

The National Football ( soccer ) team. Because they wear all white jersey, shorts, and socks

Who is England football team squad number 23?

The England national team does not have permanents squad numbers in the same way that a club does. The first eleven wear 1 to 11 and the subs rise from there. At tournaments the team does have numbers but they differ from tournament to tournament.

Where is the Hotspurs fc located?

The Hotspurs Football Club is located in Tottenham, England. They are referred to as the Spurs and their home stadium is White Hart Lane. Their home colors are white and they wear navy uniforms for away games.