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Q: Who was the first football team to wear red and white stripes?
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What is the colour of the collingwood football team?

Collingwood in the Australian Football League wear a guernsey with black and white vertical stripes.

Which UK football team has black and white stripes?

You are probably thinking of Newcastle United who currently play in the Premier League

What football team has the colours of white with green squares?

well there is white with green stripes which can be celtic or Sporting Lisbon.. but there is endless possibilities depending on which tournament it is

What football team is orange and white?

Clemson is the Orange and White football team. .

What is the nickname of the American national football team?

The Stars and the Stripes The Yanks

Who was reggie white's first football team?

he played for the Tennessee college football team if u need help answering the team go to google

Is colchester united a football team?

Yes, Colchester United are a British football team who (in the 2011/12 season) are in the npower league 1. They play a Weston Homes Community Stadium and play in blue and white stripes.

What are the colours of the Italian International Football Team?

The Italian football team first choice is blue jerseys, second choice is white jerseys.

What football team sports an orange jersey with black stripes?

Cincinnati Bengals

Who is the first football team?

sheffield fc were the first football team

What colour is the German football team wearing?

The first choice for the German team is white jerseys and black shorts.

What colors do the french football team wear?

The French football team usually wears a blue T-shirt (with discreet white and red stripes), a white short and red socks. There are two alternative outfits used when the opposite team has similar colours (for instance Italy is dressed also in blue) : the first one is to be dressed all in white (t-shirt plus short and socks) or in rare instances with a red t-shirt, white short, red socks.

Who is the team with red and white stripes in the UK premier league?

stoke city

Who was last team to win the league in stripes?

It was Coventy in blue and white in 1987.

What actors and actresses appeared in Epic Flag Football - 2012?

The cast of Epic Flag Football - 2012 includes: Jeremy Driver as Football Player - Team Black Aaron Geiger as Football Player - Team White Jenna Hale as Pregnant Quarterback Mary Vaughan as Football Player - Team White Benjamin Walter Jones as Referee Brandon Westbrook as Football Player - Team White Austin Wiseman as Football Player - Team White Henry Xavier Smith as Football Player - Team Black

What football team first wore white shoes?

The first football team to wear white shoes was the 1958 Massillon High School team, coached by Leo Strang. See the many Massillon Tiger websites, which provide more information regarding Coach Strang and his many "first of a kind" football innovations (first helmet decal, first bare-foot soccer style kicker, etc.).

What are the colors of the Milan soccer team in Italy?

red and black stripes with a white collar

What was the first football team to use the football?

the first AMERICAN football team to use an American football were: rutgers scarlet knights and the Princeton tigers

Who was the first football coach to equip his team in white football shoes?

Leo Strang--Head Coach of the Massillon Tigers HS Football Team-- first used white shoes with his 1958 National and State Championship team (used the entire season--kid loved them, because they made them look particularly fast during Friday night lights.

What is the name of the football team in Honduras?

pink and white

What American football team has orange and white?


Who were the first team in English football?

The first team was Sheffield F.C.

What is the name of the song that goes along with the video played on the big stadium screen every Baltimore Ravens football game before the team is introduced?

"Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.

Who were the last team to win the fa cup in stripes?

I love this question. It was Coventry, wearing sky blue and white stripes, in 1987.

Which team was the French football runners up 1893?

The team that was the runners up in the French football in 1893 was The White Rovers.