Why do Celtic fans not wash?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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They do.

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Q: Why do Celtic fans not wash?
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When Rangers played Celtic after the one minute did the Rangers boo back to the Celtic fans?

Yes the Rangers fans did boo back to the Celtic fans!

Are jedward Celtic fc fans?

Yes Jedward are Celtic FC and Newcastle FC fans

What do Celtic fans call rangers fans?


Who is the best Celtic player of all time?

jimmy johnstone as voted by Celtic fans

Who has fatter fans Celtic or rangers?


Who has the better behaved fans rangers or Celtic?

celtic are the best cause lewis and calvin are beast

Who has more fans Newcastle united or Celtic?


What is the best soccer team fans?

Glasgow Celtic

How many Boston Celtic fans are?

There are 7 million

Why are Celtic fans called the Tims?

Celtic fans are called the Tims by some rival supporters as a derogatory term, based on the historical association of the club with the Catholic community in Glasgow. The term is considered offensive by many Celtic supporters.

Best football fans in the world?

The best football fans in the world is England Football fans.

Who is louder Celtic fans or rangers fans?

Celtic by far the louder of the fans we even knocked a radio station off the air once when jorgie cadete scored his first goal for us in the 5-1 mauling of aberdeen