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cuz it's Americas sport

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Q: Why do Americans love football so much?
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Why do people love the game of football so much?

its fun and

Why do people like football so much?

Because the fat bitches love it

Why do Americans love their flag so much?

it represents our freedom and our nation. and because were proud to be American.

How was soccer called soccer?

The full name for "soccer" is "Association Football," which is so called to differentiate it from other games called Football. Association Football has so many syllables that it has been shortened to "Football." Then when Americans made there own football they renamed it soccer. Americans and Americans only call it soccer

Why do Americans call football soccer?

Because Americans are idiots they call a sport football after there already was a sport called football there was many arguements so Oxford created the term soccer which is short for associated football

Are football scores available in real time?

Yes football scores are available in real time using espn or the espn application on your smartphone if you have any. Americans love football so of course they are easy to find scores and you can get them all real time.

Why is there so much money in football?

there is so much money in football because the owners are rich.

Why is the game of football so popular?

people love them

Why Canadian love the hockey sports?

Why do Americans love Baseball? Why do Americans so fat? These are all questions that can't be answered by a simple sentence.

When was Why I Love You So Much created?

Why I Love You So Much was created in 1995.

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