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Well it was basically because Jesse Owens was a black American and Hitler didn't accept the fact that Germany lost the Olympics.

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Q: Why didn't Adolf Hitler shake Jesse Owens hand?
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How did Jesse Owens winning the Olympics affect Adolf Hitler's superior race?

hitler had reattck him so i guess jesse ownes didnt really care about what e had to do or say

Who was the world leader that didn't like Jesse Owens?

A guy who we all know, he bears the small mustache..., with the slick sideways hair, born in Austria, and was a murderer of people. He was Adolf Hitler. ah yes the day some doubt entered his mind. blond blue eyed pure Aurian blood uber mench didnt win all the olympic events... Jesse must have dyed his hair eyes and skin to embarrass Hitler.

What year did Jesse Owens graduate from East Tech?

he didnt he went to Ohio state

Why did Adolf Hitler choose the Jews to isolate?

because he didnt like them

When did Adolf Hitler kill his own children?

Adolf Hitler didnt have any children. He married Eva Bruan a short while before he shot her then took his own life.

Did Adolf Hitler have reletives?

YEs he did have relatives if you think about it he would not have ben here if he didnt

How long was Adolf Hitler a dictator?

Hitler took power in 1934 but didnt really become a "dictator" til about 36 or 37.

Why did German moderates support Adolf Hitler?

cause he would kill the if they didnt hitler ran gremany..what he said went

Was Germany happy when Adolf Hitler became dictator?

Germany was split into two groups when Hitler became dictator the ones who were happy and the ones who werent but that didnt bother Hitler

Why didn't Adolf Hitler make it into art school?

The teachers were Jews and they didnt think he was talented enough.

What is some info on adolf Hitler during world war 2?

Adolf Hilter was a crazy idiot who wanted to rule the world. He thought that it could be done. But it didnt. So he ended up killing himself because he didnt want to be captured.

Did Adolf Hitler rule the world war 2?

He didnt rule world war 2 but he did bring it on with his hard rules as a dictator

Did Hitler go through agony or died straight away?

Adolf Hitler didnt go through any pain when he died he kiled himself, his wife, his children and even his dog.

Y didnt hitler like jews disabled people?

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not like many people. He believed in a supreme race and if you did not fit his ideal of a supreme being then you were not liked.

Did adolf Hitler accomplish his goal?

i believe he didnt, because look until today, there are still 100 of thousands of jewish people living on this planet

Did Hitler die before or after world war 2?

Hitler died a couple of weeks after world war 1. He shot him self and bit on a a poision pill. Adolf Hitler did not die he commited suicide. It was on April 30th, 1945 Adolf Hitler shot himself with a pistol. He had a suicide pact with his wife that she would take a pill and he would shoot himself. They did this because they didnt want enemies to have the joy of killing Hitler.

What was Adolf Hitler's role during World War 2?

being mean and punishing Jews when he was one but he didnt like them and being the dictator of Germany basically

How many jews did Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin kill combined?

joseph stalin killed over 123,000 people but he didnt kill any jews

How did Adolf Hitler contribute to the war?

Well, he started to control Europe and the United Sates didnt see that yet. Then when he started showing that he disliked Jews, he started the Holocaust

Did Adolf Hitler fight in school?

no he was the quiet type due to his father beating him up all the time he had a couple of friends and didnt get along with people

What jewish academy didnt hitler get accepted?

Adolf Hitler applied to the prestigious Vienna Academy of Art in 1907. He failed the initial exam for entrance. There are no records that indicate he tried again. His mother died of breast cancer not long after.

What hurt Adolf Hitler the most?

Barely nothing because he sent 12 million peoples to their deaths and didnt feel a thing. Hitler still had high hopes eithen when he knows germany was going bust when the allies was winning the war.

What were adolf hitler's political theories?

hitler didnt have any political theories except to rule the worldAnti-Semitism was primary among Hitler's political beliefs, but others included a belief that Germany had been unfairly punished for the consequences of World War I in the Treaty of Versailles.

Did adolf Hitler kill Germans if thay didnt enlist in his army?

No, if so there would be no non-military German civilians in ww2, and the Germans would pretty much be extinct.

What are 5 facts about Adolf Hitler?

Ok, 1. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889. 2. In 1909 Hitler sank into poverty and became homeless. He slept on park benches. 3.Hitler did kill himself by shooting himself in the head and taking a cyanide pill. 4.In 1910 He tried to sell paintings, but didnt really make any money. and finally... 5.Hitler was born in Vienna Austria.