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The original ECW brand was financfed for its last year by Vince McMahon and was losing money so he(Vince) decided to shut the brand. However when he bought WCW he decided to brng back some of the popular stars and have the invasion storyline. This was highly successful leading to the founder of ECW Paul Heyman to ask Vince could he ive the fans one last taste of the original hardcore mayhem and so created the Pay-Per-View One Night Stand. When Vince saw this was a hit he decided to ressurect the ECW brand as part of the WWE but tone down some if not all of the blood and hardcore rues.

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Q: Why did they stop doing ECW then start again?
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Why WWE did not bring back ecw tv and tag team championship?

ECW isn't big enough and the whole idea doesnt strike vince to bring the TV title and tag title back to ECW paul heyman would of but he isn't getting his spot on ECW again trust me so no ECW TV OR TAG TITLE AGAIN..SORRY!!!

Will ecw ever be extreme again?

Not as long as McMahon runs it they need joey styles, Paul heyman, and all ECW originals

Who will win Christian for the ecw champoin?

shelton Benjamin or Tommy dreamer again

Is Booker t going to WWE again?

yeh his having a contract signing with ecw

What titles were in ecw in the 90's?

ecw world heavyweight championship ecw tag team championship ecw ftw championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship

Why didn't ecw join with wwf before the WWE came?

The "ECW" isn't the same ECW from back in the day. The current "ECW" has virtually no ties with the old ECW.

What is the current ECW Roster?

ECW no longer exists. NXT took it's place. So the superstars on ECW either went to RAW, SmackDown, or left WWE. Like: 1. Zack Ryder- ECW- RAW 2.Yoshi Tatsu- ECW- RAW 3. Christian- ECW- SmackDown! 4. Ezekiel Jackson- ECW- RAW 5. Goldust- ECW- RAW 6. Tommy Dreamer- ECW- TNA 7. Tazz- ECW- TNA 8. Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft- ECW- Smackdown! 9. Jack Swagger- ECW- Smackdown! 10. Matt Hardy- ECW- Smackdown- Left WWE- Possibly TNA soon 11. Mark Henry- ECW- RAW 12. Sheamus- ECW- RAW 13. Super Crazy- ECW- Left WWE 14. Evan Bourne- ECW- RAW 15. CM Punk- ECW- Smackdown- RAW 16. Bobby Lashley- ECW- Left WWE 17. Bella Twins- ECW- RAW 18. Chavo Guererro- ECW- Smackdown! 19. John Morrison and The Miz- ECW- RAW 20. Rob Van Dam- ECW- TNA

What channle is ecw on?

ECW no longer remains

Will christian be ecw champion?

* He IS the ecw champion!

Is vince McMahon going to fire ecw?

He owns ECW no he is not firing ECW...he is changing the name

Will Chavo Guerrero get his rematch at Backlash?

Yes, he will be defeat Kane by doing the Gory Bomb, for the ECW Championship. And that's the truth!

Tommy Dreamer is the hart of ecw?

ye he is the longest person on ecw and ecw will fall apart when he leaves