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Well when they made paintballs in the first place they were for "paintball guns" that farmers would use to mark cows and mark poles and such. In 1981 the very first paintball game happened when a few friends took these guns and played a game. After they had a lot of fun like a lot of paintball players do, after they played one of them named Bob Gurnsey made the first paintball gun and started selling them. After that the guns kept getting newer and better to this day. Now paintballs are made just to play the sport of paintball.

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2010-10-25 13:46:05
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Q: Why did they made paintballs?
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Are paintballs made with soap?

No, they are not.

How are paintballs made?

go on and type in paintball you should see it there it says "How it's made: Paintballs"

What are paintballs made out of?

Paintballs consist of a few ingredients. Synthetic plasic, laytex, fish oil, water, and food coloring. This is why it is possible to eat paintballs.

Are impact paintballs oil based?

Most paintballs are made of a lard/animal fat mixture. Although just recently a company developed water based paintballs.

Are there special paintballs made to be used in air rifles?

No. There are small paintballs mad however for low power spring airsoft guns.

Are paintballs the same as 40 cal blowgun paintballs?

no, paintballs for markers are .68 cal.

Will a frozen paintball go farthur?

No, and do not attempt to freeze paintballs. Most paintballs are not able to be frozen because they are now made with an oil that makes them brittle when subjected to cold. Most paintballs will break inside the gun if frozen.

Can dogs eat paintballs?

Yes, although I wouldn't feed it to them on a plate! Paintballs (including the paint) are made entirely from food-grade products and as such are non toxic.

What made Eminem get arrested the first time?

Shooting paintballs at a cop car

Will paintballs stain a brick house?

If not washed off immediately and left for weeks on end, yes, it may. This will obviously be made worse when using oil-based paintballs.

Can an airsoft gun shoot paintballs?

Yes, but not the big ones real paintball markers shoot. You can buy little paintballs made especially for airsoft guns. Technically no. There are no paintballs that work in an airsoft gun. HOWEVER, they do make marker bbs that are basically paintballs but they are bbs. I don't know exactly how they work but I know you will see paint.

Are there paintballs with black fill?

no, no manufacturer fills paintballs with black paint.

What if a paintball were to be consumed?

Paintballs will not harm you if consumed and digested, as they are made from non-toxic materials.

Are all paintballs the same size?

no, there are different paintballs for different types of guns

When was A Fistful of Paintballs created?

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Are paintballs edible?


Can red and pink and black paintballs go bad?

All paintballs can go bad, however no paintballs are allowed to have red, pink or black fill.

Can you use different paintballs in an opus-a kingman spyder?

No. only .50 caliber paintballs.

Is there antifreeze in recseries paintballs?

There is no antifreeze in any paintballs. Trying to freeze paintballs will ruin their structural integrity, causing them to become brittle shelled, and overly viscus in the center.

When was For a Few Paintballs More created?

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Do paintballs taste good?


Can paintballs freeze?

yes it can

Do paintballs stain?

No. They don't.

Are paintballs washable?


How much do paintballs weigh?

a case of paintballs weighs about 16 pounds. There are 2000 paintballs in each case plus about 1 pound of packaging. 1 paintball = about 4 grams