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Well the word Ballet is french but the king got the word ballet from the latin word ballare, which means dance.

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Q: Why did the king in the 13's call ballet ballet?
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When was Alonzo King LINES Ballet created?

Alonzo King LINES Ballet was created in 1982.

Who invented ballet positions?

the king of france. King louie

What king in the 16th Century loved ballet?

King of France

When was ballet discovered?

Ballet was first danced in Italy but, King Luis the III created the first ballet school in France.

Who was ballet invented by?

King Louis XIV

Who is the villain in The Nutcracker Ballet?

the king mouse.

Where is ballet developed from?

France, King Louis

What do you call girls who take ballet?


What do you call hands in ballet?

just hands :)

What do you call a ballet skirt?

a tu tu.

Where did ballet first occour?

Ballet (basically) in Italy, but started to evolve into the ballet we know today in the courts of King Louis the 14th of France.

Which french king invented ballet?

king Louis XIV that's what i reasearched

Who was the first to bring about ballet?

King Louis XIV

Did King Louis the 14th do ballet?

Yes in fact he did.

When and where ballet began?

Ballet negan in France with King Loius the fifteenth, who thought of himself as the SUN God

What person started ballet?

not one person really started ballet. But, i would have that king Louis the 14 of France helped originate it. okay what is ballet

What country ballet started?

Ballet started in Italy and was later brought to France, where king Louis named the steps, and many ballet schools were opened.

When did classical ballet start?

In 1672, King Louis XIV established a performing company called the Academie Royal. King Louis XIV hired Pierre Beauchamp, who revolutionized regular ballet and created classical ballet.

What is 13s perfect square?

It is 169.

What do you call the movement in ballet when the dancer jumps?


What do you call a man in ballet?

He is called a ballerina too...

What do they call the junior dancers in a ballet company?


What do you call a dance for two people in ballet?

A duet.

What do you call a main female ballet performer?

The main female ballet dancer is known as the prima ballerina who is the leading woman dancer in a ballet company.

Who are the person create ballet?

King Louis XIV, the king of France during the 1600s