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Famous players wore the number 46 jersey because the number identified the player that was most liked. the 46 number was associated with players like Jackie Robinson.

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Q: Why did the famous players wear the number 46?
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What famous football players wore number 46?


Who wears number 46 in the NBA?

There have only been 4 players in the NBA and ABA who have worn the number 46. It is not a very popular number. The last player to wear the number 46 was Bo Outlaw in 2005. The other players are Dennis Bell, Jay Murphy and Tod Murphy.

What famous players had number 46?

Kick returner and runningback for the Washington Redskins Ladell Betts.

What famous sports stars wore number 46?

One of the most famous sports persons to wear the number 46, is Valentino Rossi, World Moto GP Champion. (Motorbike Road Racing Sport)

Football players with the number 46?

One of the more memorable NFL players who wore number 46 was Tim McDonald. He was a defensive back who played for San Francisco and St. Louis.

What famous football player was number 46?

Dont know if he would be considered a famous player or coach but Herm Edwards wore #46 while playing with the Eagles.

Who wears number 46 for the New York Yankees?

No Yankee Currently wears #46, for that was starting pitcher Andy Pettitte's number, and there have been no seasons since his retirement for anyone to wear it.

What famous race car driver where a helmet with number 46 on it?

Valentino Rossi

Who wore number 46 for the Boston Celtics?

The first person to ever wear number 46 was Phillip Greene. The first Celtic ever to play only 6 minutes in one season.

What number did Keith Moody wear?

#26 with the Raiders in 1980 and #46 with the Bills between 1976-1979.

How many players are in the New York Yankees?

The whole roster has about 46 players.

Where number 46 on pokedex Pokemon pearl?

Number 46 is a wormadam. Number 46 is a wormadam.

Are there any gay professional baseball players?

Yes, there are 46 homosexual players in the MLB.

Is 46 a rational number?

The number 46, as with any integer, is a rational number.

What number times what number equals 46?


Is 46 a even or odd number?

46 is an even number.

What NFL players wore number 46?

The only player I can think of is David Gibson while he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers other than that I have no idea

Is 46 a prime number?

No, 46 is not a prime number. It is a composite number. A prime number can only be divided by 1 and itself. 46 can also be divided by 2 and 23.

What Boston Red Sox players have worn 46?

Jacoby Ellsbury wears 46 for the Red Sox now.

What Pokemon is number 46 in Pokemon Diamond?

Number 46 is Paras.

What number deacrased by 14 is -46?


What is the number between 46 and 144?

The number directly between 46 and 144 is (46 + 144)/2 = 95

Why is 46 not a prime number?

A number which has only two factors is called a prime number. Prime factorization of 46 is 2x23x1. Clearly from prime factorization of 46, we get to know that 46 is divisible by 1,2,23 and also by 46. There are four factors of 46, so it is not a prime number.

How many protons are present in an atom with an atomic number of 46?

Since atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom, an atom with an atomic number of 46 has 46 protons.

What number did Don Mattingly wear when he was fist called up from the minors?

Don Mattingly wore uniform number 46 during the 1982, and 1983 seasons for the New York Yankees.