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The Olympics were a ceremony in honor of the gods.

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Q: Why did the ancient Athenians use Olympics?
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Who were the ancient Athenians?

The ancient Athenians were a group of people that lived in ancient Greece and still do today.

What did ancient Greeks use for swimming in the Olympics?

They didn't do swimming in the ancient Olympics.

What is the language that Athenians and Spartans spoke?

Both the ancient Athenians and ancient Spartans spoke Ancient Greek. But the ancient Athenians spoke Attic Greek and the ancient Spartans spoke Doric Greek.

What type of government are the Ancient Athenians credited with?

The Ancient Athenians were credited with Direct Democracy.

What were the attireequipment use in the ancient Olympics?


What sports were ancient Athenians good at?

Sports that the Athenians were good at was everything Track and Field.

Where did the ancient athenians live?

Greece .

What form of money this athenians use?

Athenians use drachmas.

What was the legacy of Ancient Athenians?

Democracy and Architecture

Who were the ancient Athenians allies?

i think it was rome

Who was the government of ancient athenians?

bill gates

Who were ancient Athenians?

The people who inhabited Athens.

Which famous battle were the Ancient Persians defeated by the Ancient Athenians?

The Battle of Marathon .

What are facts about the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics began in 776 BC

What did they wear in running in the Ancient Olympics?

In the Ancient Olympics the competitors were nude.

Why did the ancient Olympics begin?

they ancient Olympics begun to honor their gods

Why did the ancient Greeks have the Olympics?

Ancient Greeks had the Olympics to honor Zeus.

How many events were at the ancient Olympics?

There were 9 events at the ancient olympics

What is the connection Ancient Greece and the Olympics?

The Olympics is an Ancient Greek festival.

What equipment did the ancient Olympics use?

discus and the javelin discus and the javelin

What did Ancient athenians get credit for?

Solon established democracy

Who would ancient Athenians blame a thunderstorm on?


What or who would ancient Athenians blame a thunderstorm on?


What is the name of the ancient Athenians' big meeting?


Could ancient athenians better their positions in life?


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