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It was done after the 1994 strike and cancellation of the World Series in the hopes of keeping fan interest as the owners were very concerned of losing fans. Splitting into three divisions meant two more teams would be added to the playoffs (a third division winner and a 'wildcard' team). This also meant more money for MLB as there would be more playoff games and more money in contracts from the networks that carried MLB games on television and radio.

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Q: Why did the AL and the NL split into three divisions?
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When did the national league split into 3 divisions?

Both the National League and American League split into two divisions in 1969. Prior to 1969, there were 10 teams in each league. In 1969, each league expanded to 12 teams (San Diego and Montreal (now Washington) were added to the NL, Toronto and Seattle (now Milwaukee) were added to the AL) and each league was split into 2 six team divisions.

What is the difference between nl baseball teams and al?

AL - American League NL - National League The AL and NL make up MLB (Major League Baseball).

How many all star games have been played at Wrigley Field?

Three times - 1) 1947 - AL 2, NL 1 2) 1962 - AL 9, NL 4 3) 1990 - AL 2, NL 0

What division did the St. Louis Cardinals play in?

The St. Louis Cardinals used to play in the NL East, but were moved to the NL Central with the expansion to three divisions.

What pitchers hit home runs in both leagues?

Since the beginning of interleague play:C.C. Sabathia (2 in the AL and 1 in the NL)Josh Beckett (2 in the AL and 1 in the NL)Some of the 'old timers' that did it are:Wes Farrell (37 in the AL and 1 in the NL)Milt Pappas (11 in the AL and 9 in the NL)Cy Young (6 in the AL and 12 in the NL)Jim Kaat (14 in the AL and 2 in the NL)Carl Mays (3 in the AL and 2 in the NL)Ken Brett (3 in the AL and 7 in the NL)Jim Tobin (2 in the AL and 15 in the NL).

Were the Montreal Expos in the AL or NL?


How many Home Runs did Hank Aaron hit in 1960?

26,169 - 12,272 in the National League and 13,897 in the American League: 1969 - 1470 in the NL and 1649 in the AL. 1968 - 891 in the NL and 1104 in the AL. 1967 - 1102 in the NL and 1197 in the AL. 1966 - 1378 in the NL and 1365 in the AL. 1965 - 1318 in the NL and 1370 in the AL. 1964 - 1211 in the NL and 1551 in the AL. 1963 - 1215 in the NL and 1489 in the AL. 1962 - 1449 in the NL and 1552 in the AL. 1961 - 1196 in the NL and 1534 in the AL. 1960 - 1042 in the NL and 1086 in the AL. The NL had 8 teams between 1960-1961, 10 teams between 1962-1968, and 12 teams in 1969. The AL had 8 teams in 1960, 10 teams between 1961-1968, and 12 teams in 1969. MLB lowered the height of the pitching rubber from 15 inches to 10 inches in 1969 due to the stark decline in home runs in 1967-1968 and the addition of four new expansion teams.

Witch is older al or nl?

The NL is older

Are the Oriels in the NL or AL?

AL east

Who were the nl and al mvp's in 1973?

NL - Pete Rose CIN AL - Reggie Jackson OAK

How many times has the MLB al and nl won the World Series?

(2009) for al 61 for nl 43

Al or nl pitchers hit better?

NL you have to hit to be good at it