Why did players join Derek in a team?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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They joined him because Derek Jeter was doing good.

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Q: Why did players join Derek in a team?
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Which active MLB players lead their team in all time hits?

derek jeter

How many players join a soccer team in a year?

It all depends on the wealthiness of the team, their previous record, their need for players, and the current teammates.

Should Derek join navy?

No, Derek should join the Marine Corp.

Is Derek Jeter part ownership with the Yankees?

No, I don't think active players can own a part of their team.

What current baseball players have been with the same team the longest?

Derek Jeter Mariano Rivera Chipper Jones

Was shortstop Derek Jeters main position?

yes it was because they had enough players and babe ruths team is amazing

Are new players allowed into the team once the season is almost over?

no there is no reason for them to join a team if the season is almost over they might as well wait and join the team in the new season starts

Who are the players on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team?

lamar odom Kobe Bryant derek fisher pau gasol

Why did Derek Jeter join the New York Yankees?

Derek Jeter was made Yankees captain by late owner George Steinbrenner on June 3, 2003.

How do you join a poker team?

When players are in high limit games in casinos or at late stages of tournaments for world series of poker events, agents notice them and ask them to join their team. A player may ask to join a team, but they would need to be extremely good or possibly famous to be seriously considered.

Who are 4 baseball players?

you want to know four? which team? present players or retired players? four active players are Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Dustin Pedroia and Brad Lidge. four retired players are Yogi Berra, Jeff Bagwell, Carl Yastrzemski, and Ty Cobb

What team was Derek fisher on in 2007?

Derek Fishers team in 2007 was the LAL (Los angeles lakers)