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they were angry that a "negro" was playing in a "white man's" game. white players were jealous of Jackie's skills and success.

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Q: Why did other players hurt Jackie Robinson on field?
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How does Jackie Robinson make a difference?

Jackie Robinson made the difference because he paved the road for other black players, and he also gave every black kid a chance to live their dream. For more information, you can read the book Hero On The Ball Field.

How did Jackie Robinson open the door to more baseball players today?

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American player in Major League Baseball. This paved the way for other African-American baseball players to play professionally.

Who defended Jackie Robinson?

Players like Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals and Pee Wee Reese of the Brooklyn Dodgers stood up for Jackie whenever other players were unfair to Jackie.

What is 'Baseball's great experiment' by Jules Tygiel about?

The book is about Jackie Robinson crossing the color line, and becoming a major League ballplayer. The book covers Jackie's life both on and off the field. Other African-American players of the era are also covered in the book.

What are 3 other sports that Jackie Robinson excelled in?

Baseball, running tract and field sport jumps, basketball

Did Jackie Robinson ever cheat on his wife and have other children?

did jackie robinson ever cheatonhis wife and have other kids

What were some of Jackie robinsons challenges?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American major league baseball player. He was discriminated against by other players, and even his own teammates resented him.

How did Jackie Robinson and paul robeson differ from each other?

Jackie Robinson's stand made him more popular than Paul Robeson -Apex

Were Jackie Robinson's parents slaves?

Jackie Robinson was born into a family of sharecroppers, not slaves, although sharecroppers often lived quite a limited existence. Robinson was raised by his mother, Mallie Robinson, a single parent who took care of Jackie along with four other children.

Where can you find photos for a report for Jackie Robinson?

Click on the 'Official Website of Jackie Robinson' link on this page to go to Jackie Robinson's official website where you can find photos, achievements, quotes, statistics, and many other things concerning the his life.

What struggles did Jackie Robinson have?

Racism and other stuff.

What did Jackie Robinson struggle with?

racism and other stuff

What other major league baseball players wore number 42?

In Major League baseball, the players that have worn #42 were Jackie Robinson, Dodgers and Bruce Sutter, Cardinals. The number '42' has been retired. St. Louis Cardinals, #42: retired in 1997 by all teams in MLB for Jackie Robinson; ceremony to honor #42 for Bruce Sutter was held in 2006.

What rights did Jackie Robinson have towards other white baseball players?

His Rights Were That All Humans May Play baseball No One Should Be Treated Unfairly for what There Culter Or Color Is!

Did Jackie Robinson cheat on his wife and have other children?

did he cheat on

How was Jackie Robinson treated by other players and fans?

They were treating him like dirt. hitting him with the ball. They also called him rude names and racial slurs and said that he didn't belong in their leagues.

How did Rachel Isum meet Jackie Robinson?

Rachel Isum met Jackie Robinson when they were at a theatre. This was a good opportunity for them to talk to each other and they managed to find they had a lot in common.

Why couldn't African-Americans play MLB before Jackie Robinson?

Technically, they COULD play, but no team wanted an African American player. Because of the racial issues in the United States, AA's were discriminated against when i came to a lot of things. Jackie Robinson was a great player and was found by a team that was willing to put aside their difference (for the most part) and accept him as a part of their team. Jackie Robinson opened the door to other African American players because it was no longer "taboo."

Who is Jackie Robinsons mother?

His mother, Mallie Robinson, single-handedly raised Jackie and her four other children.

What significant event that led up to why Jackie Robinson is famous?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to be on a professional sports team. Even though he was on the team his fellow players made racist comments and he was discriminated against in places where they ate and slept. Life was not easy for him. Throughout the years other people in sports and other professions have faced discrimination because of race, gender, or religion. It still goes on today.

What did Jackie Robinson love to do other than play sports?

He loved everything :)

Was there any other friends of Jackie Robinson?

They were a loner like me and had no friends so no.

What other sports did Jackie do?

Jackie Robinson was an all around athlete while in school, playing basketball, football, baseball, and track.

How did Jackie Robinson impact on other lives?

he broke the colour barrier for other sports men and women.

Why was Jackie Robinson told not to fight backand how did he respond to this?

He was asked not to fight back because it was an organized fight and the other opponent was the one to win the game. Jackie Robinson did not agree and fought back and won the fight.