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Kelly Kelly is the stage name of former WWE wrestler Barbara Jean Blank. She left Wrestling after she requested time off and was then let go when she did not return when she said she would.

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Q: Why did kelly kelly stop wrestling?
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Should Kelly Kelly and Maryse be a part of the beautiful people?

Maryse is no longer wrestling and Kelly Kelly is pursuing other intrest that does not involve wrestling

Who will return to WWE wrestling soon?

kelly kelly

How long ago did kelly kelly start wrestling?

in about 2006

What is kelly kelly song on WWE wrestling?

its called "holla"

Is Kelly Kelly coming back to wrestling?

It is not reported that Kelly Kelly will ever return to WWE prior to her release in September 2012. WWE have contacted her numerous times to offer her a contract with the company however nothing as of yet has been reported. However, she is still wrestling in the independent circuit appearing on Impact Championship Wrestling and North East Wrestling.

Does kelly kelly have a boy friend?

Yes she does, he wrestling for the New Japan Promotion

Who is kelly divine?

Kelly Divine is not a world wrestling star, but a porn star.

What is WWE diva kelly kelly surname?

Her wrestling name is Kelly Kelly therfore her surname is Kelly. Her real name is Barbra Jean Blank

Who will win kelly kelly vs Emma Watson?

If it is a fighting match Kelly Kelly would win. Kelly Kelly has training in wrestling, Emma Watson doesn't.

Why did kelly kelly name her name 2 times?

that is her wrestling name not her real name

Does kelly kelly have a belly button piercing?

Actually yes she does have one but takes it out when wrestling.

On WWE who is Kelly Kelly dating?

She is currently dating a wrestler that works for New Japan Wrestling

Will kelly kelly win WWE divas title?

she probably wont cause she is not that good at wrestling

When did sting stop wrestling?

He hasn't he is still wrestling with TNA

Is kelly kelly stell in the WWE?

No, Kelly Kelly was released in late September 2012. Although she is no longer wrestling for the WWE she still continues to wrestle on the independent circuit.

Emma Watson vs kelly kelly who will win?

If it is a wrestling match Kelly Kelly would win. (Please discuss your opinions in the discussion section.)

Does kelly kelly love chris Jericho?

No. She has not been involved with chris both in real as well as wrestling storylines.

Who is the diva kelly kelly with?

The Undertaker May 2010 Kelly Kelly is not dating the Undertaker that would be Michelle McCool she has been with the Undertaker since his divorce. Kelly Kelly's boyfriend works for New Japan Wrestling.

Who is WWE diva kelly kellys boyfriend outside of wrestling?

Sorry but Kelly Kelly says her private life including whom she is dating is just that private.

Why did kelly kelly get released from WWE?

She wasn't released she just needed a brake because she has been wrestling since she was 19

When did wwf wrestling stop?


When will wrestling stop?

yeah never

Who is Helen kelly?

Her name is Kelly Kelly and she is In WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) To learn more you can got to and click divas. You will find her biography and some pictures.

Did Jeff Hardy stop wrestling?

No. He just retired Wwe,he moved to TNA Wrestling.

Will Impact Wrestling's female wrestler gail kim challenge WWE divas such as aj lee or kelly kelly to a fight?