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Q: Why did curt flood not want to play for the phillies?
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A girl says i just want a curt?

Are you in Northern Ireland? There, a curt's a slang term for a snog, as the English would say, or to curt someone is to make out with them, as the Americans would say. Hope this helps!

When should you flood the engine?

when you want to break it

Why was orchard park built?

acouse of we want have clean wheather, beutiful place, protcetion from flood, and play round for people especially for childerns,

How do you circulate the news of flood?

I want to be learn news

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The biggest concern is if you have flood insurance and if so will everything be covered. You want to check your policy if you experience a home flood.

How long does a flash flood last?

a flood can ;ast as long as you want it to last. <- By the the way your an idiot who ever wrote this.

Flood Lights?

form_title= Flood Lights form_header= Brighten up your home with flood lights! How many flood lights do you want to install?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5} Will you be doing the installation yourself?*= () Yes () No Do you want lights that turn on automatically?*= () Yes () No

Do you need flood insurance for a vacation home on the Florida coast?

Flood insurance is generally not included in homeowners insurance policies, so you may want to consider flood insurance. Flood insurance is required in some flood zones. Contact your local insurance agent to find out if your vacation home is in a flood zone that requires flood insurance.

Why did God cause the the flood?

because earth is not surpose to be always as we want it to be

How much rain does the Sahel get each year?

It gets how much you want it to get. IF you want it too flood then be my guest

What is the average cost of flood insurance in Marshfield Massachusetts?

It really depends on what flood zone you are in and the what you want the house covered for. I would call an agent for a quote.

Why did god cause the flood to happen?

because earth is not surpose to be always as we want it to be

Will Jennette mccurdy go out with you?

I want her to Ask bailey flood in hiawatha iowa

I want a drama on flood?

choose a realistic case that happens today in our world.

Who is the mets rivals?

The Braves, the Yankees, the Phillies, the Nationals want to be, but the Mets are to good for them.

Do you want to play in German?

do you want to play = möchtest du spielen do you want to play = möchtest du mitspielen

What is want to play in french?

to want to play is 'vouloir jouer' in French. I want to play = je veux jouer

How the egyptians influenced life?

because they didn't want the river to flood any more.

Can you flood an ice rink over snow?

No! Unless you want to create a Tsunami! tehe :)

Did Curt still love Mary Ellen after his injury or did he just want her to be free from their marriage?

I did not see any real love between Mary Ellen and Curt, He was strange and never really treated Mary Ellen like a real wife

Who did god want to die in the flood of Noah?

With the exception of Noah and his wife, his sons and their wives, everyone.

How does motivation affect an athletes performance?

It makes them want to play that sport. If they want to play they play hard.

Should you play the clarinet?

I guess, if you want to. It is your choice what iinstrument you want to play! :)

How long did Noah live after the flood?

Noah lived to be 950- he lived 300 years after the flood. If you really want proof just read in the Bible Genesis 9:28-29

How do you turn these sentences to a compound sentence. She didn't want to play with Jill.''She didn't want to play with Tim.?

She didn't want to play with Jill or Tim.