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Why did cowboys call each other side buster

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Q: Why did cowboys call people sidebuster?
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What does sidebuster mean?

Sidebuster The English term means someone who butts into conversations or eavesdrops. it was invented by a wealthy British duchess, named Mari Boyack in the very early 20th century.

What do people call da Dallas Cowboys?

People call them America's Team,Big D,and another i don't remember but wen i do i will post it up! As 4 me I call them Da Stars Of Da Show!

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What do cowboys call a story?

usually a yarn

What did cowboys call a half-tamed horse?

Cowboys often call a half tamed horse a bronco. This is a mustang or wild horse that is not fully broken or tamed.

What is the difference between vaqueros and cowboys?

nothing, vaquero is in spanish and cowboy in English.also they live diffent nations

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Country and Western

What do you call the Argentine cowboys?

A skilled horesman called a Gaucho

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