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Their are speculations still going around that he killed his self because of steroid rage.

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Q: Why did chris beniot kill himself?
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Who killed chris beniot?

Chris Benoit killed himself.

Did Randy Orton kill chris beniot and if so how?


Did Chris Beniot kill his son with a crippler crossface and his wife with a flying headbutt?

No, he used The Cobra.

How chris benoit dead?

why chris beniot murder his wife and son and hang himself in his basement and his weight room i need to watch the death video

Can you get chris beniot move in svr 08?


Why did chris beniot die?

He died from multiple drugs which made his brain messed up. He killed his wife and son before he hanged himself.

When did chris beniot die?

June 25 2007

Who won the 2004 WWE royal rumble?

chris beniot

How did Chris Beniot son die?

Chris Benoit's son has died of a homicidel smotheration cause.

Did people like chris benoit?

I liked Chris Beniot and i bet a lot of people liked him

Why did Chris Beniot kill his wife and then commit suicide?

It is unknown why Chris Benoit killed himself and his family. However, a common theory is that Benoit went crazy due to hitting his head so many times while wrestling. Others think that Benoit wanted to commit suicide, but he didn't want his family to suffer without him so he killed them, too. The numerous explanations for Chris Beniot's actions include brain damage, steroid abuse, and a failing marriage.

Did Chris Brown kill his self?

No he did not kill himself

Which pro wrestlers have died because of steroid abuse?

Chris Beniot?

How much did Chris Beniot get paid?

Doesn't matter now. He's gone. Rest in peace, Chris Benoit.

What is the wrestler chris beniot's finisher?

Chris Benoit had two finishers they were the crippler cross face and the diving headbutt.

What WWE superstars use steriods?

Chris beniot, Triple H, Batista

Who did Randy Orton defeat to become the youngest world champ?

Chris Beniot

What is chris beniot's song called?

Whatever by Our Lady Peace Whatever by Our Lady Peace

What was chris benoit's middle name?

His full name is Christopher Michael Beniot. -Tyler Monahan

Did Chris benoit kill his kid?

Unfortunately, yes. In 2007, Chris Benoit killed his wife, his son, and then himself. Chris was from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and was 40 years old when he killed himself.

Did chris benoit kill himself?

yes he hung him self in his workout room.

Why did Chris Benoit kill himself?

because he is a nutcase.because he was depresed

how chris benoit died he might be using drugs you know he is volient towards his wife and his son?

how old is chris beniot before he died he was using drugs or if he is volient towards his wife and his son

What happened to chris beniot?

He had killed himself and his family because of self depression sadly... I don't get why he would do it but he did im not a fan of wrestling anymore as i know that they are all FAKING so there was no point..... im glad i could answere your question. Bling head

Who is stronger Matt hardy or rvd?

rvd cause he is a legend and i want to say evry one i and did Chris beniot die cause my bro told me in an elevator