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Because having short shorts turned out to be kind of gay and men had to save their dignity and manhood by getting big, baggy shorts.

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Q: Why did basketball uniforms change?
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What are the uniforms used by basketball players?

The uniforms of basketball players are called "skirts"

What are the equipmaent in basketball?

basketball, basketball shoes, uniforms, basketball court, hoops

How much do basketball uniforms cost?

all prices

Sample solicitation letter for basketball uniforms?


What cheerleader team has purple and yellow uniforms?

The lakers basketball team

Sample solicitation letter for basketball uniform?

The solicitation letter for basketball uniforms should state what team the uniforms are for. You should also mention about you being able to help advertise for their business in the letter.

Where can one order cheap basketball uniforms?

Cheap basketball uniforms are available for purchase from many sports retailers and stores. Some examples of these stores include Epic Sports and Team Express.

What would be included in a sample solicitation letter for basketball uniforms?

jersey and shorts

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What did the first women's basketball uniforms looks like?

in the year 1978 women were ushered into basketball mania. The women's basketball uniforms looked like men's uniforms to a great stretch, although jerseys were much smaller, and special undergarments like sports bras were added. There was a period when women wore short sleeves and skirts when playing b-ball.

In soccer who is supposed to change uniforms the home team or the away team?

If the uniforms are not similar or the same color, they don't have to change uniforms. If the uniforms are similar, then it is customary that the away team will have to change the uniform. The home team can tell the other team if they are the ones that are going to change the uniform if they want to. If the uniforms are not the same, then both teams can use whichever uniform they like the away or the home uniform.

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