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Kurt Angle is still alive, if that is who you mean

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Q: Why did angle die?
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When did Martha Angle Dorsett die?

Martha Angle Dorsett died in 1918.

When did Edward Angle die?

Edward Angle died on 1930-08-11.

How did Kurt angle die on WWE?

he didnt die he went to TNA

Did Kurt angle die on WWE?


What is the origin of the Afrikaans phrase in die haak?

It means "no problem." "In die haak" literal translation means "to be in the angle", which is to say "it fits"

Did Kurt angle die?

he isn't dead

When did Milton Angle die?

Milton Angle died on March 25, 1974, in Solano County, California, USA.

Did Kurt angle really die?

No. He's still alive.

Did chriss angle die?

yea Kurt angles brother

How did criss angle die?

Criss Angel is still alive. he did not die. lol his shows are still airing and he is making new episodes

Do you die if you get shot in the chin?

It depends on many factors including age, caliber of bullet, and angle.

If an angle measures 245 what is the name of the angle?

obtuse angle

If an angle is not acute straight or obtuse it must be what?

It could be a right angle or a reflex angle

What angle is 215 degrees?

An angle of 215 degrees is a reflex angle

What is a complementary and supplementary angle?

A complementary angle is an angle that when added to another angle creates a 90o angle. A supplementary angle is an angle that when added to another angle creates a 180o angle.

What type of angle is a 290 degree angle?

An angle with 290 is a reflex angle

Did chris angle die?

i am not sure yet on the last show he was in the car when it fell down the cliff it blew up

What type of angle is a 165 angle?

As the angle is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees it is an obtuse angle.

What type of angle is a 165 degree angle?

An obtuse angle.

What are the types of geometric angles?

Right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, supplementary angle, complementary angle, interior angle, exterior angle, adjacent angle

What type of angle is 115 degrees?

It is an obtuse angle

What type of angle measures 89 degrees?

an angle measuring from 0 - 89.999 degrees is an acute angle. an angle at exactly 90 degrees is a right angle. an angle from 90.001 degrees to 180 degrees is an obtuse angle.

What is a left angle?

a left angle is the opposite from a right angle :)

What is the angle between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?

the angle of incidence is the initial ray angle and the angle of reflection is the reflected ray angle

What type of angle is 72?

An angle of 72 degrees is an acute angle