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because there was another team using the fields in virgina or it was an away game.

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Q: Why did Virginia Tech play their football game in Landover Maryland?
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When was Virginia Tech Hokies football created?

Virginia Tech Hokies football was created in 1892.

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In what year was VA Tech Football founded?

The Virginia Tech Hokies football team represents Virginia Polytech Institue and State University in the sport of American football. The team was founded in 1892.

What teams make up the acc?

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Which football teams play for the black diamond trophy?

Virginia Tech and West Virginia

Who did Michael Vick play for in college football?

Virginia Tech

What is the worst loss in Virginia Tech football?

James Madison

Where does Virginia Tech football team play?

Lane Stadium.

What is virginia tech famous for?

there a well known football state.

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One can purchase Virginia Tech Apparel online at the Hokie Hut, Amazon, eBay, and Football Fanatics. Virginia Tech apparel can also be purchased in select retail stores near the Virginia Tech Campus and in Northern Virginia.

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