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Undertaker put triple h in hells gate and triple h passed out

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Q: Why did Triple H lose to undertaker?
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Did undertaker lose to triple h at wrestlemania 27?

The UnderTaker did lose at WrestleMania.

Will the undertaker lose at WrestleMania 27?

I Think, Undertaker successfully continues his undefeated journey by defeating Triple H with 19-0. As we already know, Triple H is one of the WrestleMania opponents. In other words, Undertaker already defeated the game Triple H at WrestleMania X-Seven on April 1, 2001. So, it is not a problem to Undertaker to defeat Triple H again at WrestleMania 27. However, Undertaker was not successful for the last couple of months. So, WrestleMania will determine whether undertaker continues his streak or not!

Did Triple H beat the undertaker at wrestlmania 27?

No undertaker beat triple h a submission.

Who is going to when Triple H or the undertaker at WrestleMania?

The undertaker already beat the game triple h

Who is better the undertaker or Triple H?

triple h

Who is hotter Triple H or undertaker?

Triple H

Who is better Triple H or the undertaker?

Triple H is way better because he has beet the undertaker like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times! When has Triple H ever beaten the Undertaker? The Undertaker is better than Triple H. UNDERTAKER IS WAY BETTER! HE IS WWE'S BIGGEST THREAT NOW THAT UMAGA DIED!

Who won between Triple H and undertaker?

The Undertaker beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 27 and 28

Is Triple H scared of undertaker?

triple h is a tought guy and he knows he can take the undertaker but the undertaker is also a tought guy n he knows he can take triple h but you can tell he is hiding it my answer is YES

Who is stronger Triple H or undertaker?


Is the undertaker or Triple H the oldest?


How won Triple H or the undertaker?


Does Triple H beat Undertaker at WrestleMania 27?

No. The Undertaker used Hell's Gate, and Triple H tapped out.

Who won the match in WrestleMania 27 between Triple H and the Undertaker?

Undertaker. He defeated Triple H by submission.

Is the career of Triple H over by undertaker?

No, Triple H lost to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, But that does not mean his career is over.

Who won with undertaker and Triple H?

Undertaker won but Triple H was in control for most of the match so I believe if Triple H would not have submited he would have won.

Who wil win undertaker or Triple H at WrestleMania 2011?

Triple H will win no doubt the undertaker is too scared to scared to talk trash in TRIPLE H's face.

Does Triple H beat undertaker at WrestleMania?

No Undertaker is undefeated at wrestlemania and he already beat Triple H at Wrestlemania X7

Who has the most championships belts undertaker or Triple H?

triple h

Will Triple H beat the undertaker at wrestlmania 27?

Triple H will defeat Undertaker because Triple H is better than ever so Undertaker doesn't have a chance to beat me. And if I am wrong I am in San Diego. Undertaker is gonna win its planned.

Who would win a real fight between Triple H and undertaker?

The Undertaker has a longer reach than Triple H which would prove victorious in a real fight.

Who won the match in undertaker and Triple H?

the undertaker

Who will return royal rumble 2011?

Maybe Triple H or undertaker. 70% triple h,30% undertaker. but surely somebody will return. oops!undertaker not!triple h not! Booker tand kevinash is returning to the royal rumble 2011

Could Triple H beat up undertaker in a fight?

undertaker is realy strong but if u meen a fight then triple h

Did Triple H ever beat undertaker?

yeshe did Well................Even Though I Love Undertaker I Think Triple H Won Wrestle Mania And When He Did Undertaker's Move On Undertaker I Thought That Was It But There Both Awesome Legends But I Think Triple H Won As Well So......