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Tom Daley didn't change his name !

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Q: Why did Tom Daley change his name?
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Does tom daley have a nick name?

tom daley's nick name is daley mail.

Who is Tom Daley's mum?

Tom's mothers name is Debbie Daley.

What was Tom Daley's dads name?

Tom's dad was named Robert Daley.

What is Tom Daley's full name?

Thomas, Robert, Daley.

Who was Tom Daleys mum and dad called?

His mum's name is Debbie Daley and his dad's name was Robert Daley

Is tom daley french?

Tom daley the diver is from england. Tom daley the footballer is fom england. Tom daley the baseballer is from california.

What city is Tom Daley from?

tom daley is from Plymouth

What did Tom Daley do?

tom Daley done diving

Is Tom Daley Spanish?

Tom Daley is British.

Is Tom daley married?

I s Tom daley married.

What is the name of Tom Daley's girlfriend?

Tom Daley is currently in a relationship with american gay rights activist and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, who is more than double Daley's age. They got together in the spring of 2013.

What is Tom Daleys full name?

thomas robeert daley

Does Tom Daley have a girlfriend?

Tom Daley is currently single but he does have girl-friends.

When was Tom Daley born?

Tom Daley was born on May 21, 1994.

Does Tom Daley like his nicknames?

Tom didn't mind his nicknames; 'Daley Mail' and 'Tom the Bomb'.

What is the name of Tom Daley's high school?

Plymouth College in Plymouth.

What trophies has Tom Daley won?

in the 2012 Olympics Tom Daley has won a bronze.

Who helped Tom Daley in his career?

Tom Daley has been helped by his Coach and father.

What country did tom daley come from?

Tom Daley the British Diver comes from England.

Which Olympic team was Tom Daley in?

Tom Daley was in the Great Britain Diving team.

Is Tom Daley looking for a girlfriend?

No, Tom Daley announced in December 2013 that he is in a relationship.

What food does Tom Daley not like?

Tom Daley gave a food themed interview, and he did not name anything that he did not like. However, he does avoid fried foods for health and training reasons, but sometimes splurges.

Where did Tom Daley come at Beijing 2008?

Tom Daley came 7th in Beijing 2008.

When was Tom Daley - diver - born?

Tom Daley - diver - was born on 1994-05-21.

When did Tom Daley - baseball - die?

Tom Daley - baseball - died on 1934-12-02.