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Serena and Venus necer choose to play tennis. Before they were born their father wanted his children to be tennis superstars. He pushed them and tought them tennis once they were old enough to swing a racquet.

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Because her sister Venus Williams inspired her.

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So she can show off her nude look underpants. Supervisor its a fact, she did wear nude look underpants, so please don't keep on removing my answer.

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Q: Why did Serena Williams choose to play Tennis?
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What are hobbies of Serena Williams?

Serena Williams hobbies was to play tennis

What are some of serena williams hobbies?

serena's hobbies apart from tennis are acting and fashion

What Sport do venus and Serena Williams play?

They play Tennis

Who is a girl athlete that play tennis?

Venus Williams and Serena Williams

What do Serena Williams sisters play or do?

they played tennis

Who are two sisters that play tennis show all?

Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Does Serena Williams play all tennis doubles with her sister Venus Williams?


Why is Serena Williams not in 2010 US Open tennis?

Serena Williams was unable to play in 2010 as she had injured her foot and had undergone surgery, from which she is still recovering.

What position tennis does Serena Williams play?

It doesnt say so this is not a reliable source

What kind of sport did Serena Williams play?

because she got inspired by her parents jack and Jill

Was Serena Williams band from the2010 tennis US Open?

No. she cut her foot in a restaurant and was unable to play.

Who are the identical twins who both became professional athletes?

Serena and Venus Williams. They both play tennis.