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Q: Why did Sally Pearson choose her sport?
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Related questions

What sport did sally Pearson do?

Sally Pearson played tennis and basketball as her sports. Including 100m Hurdle.

Why Sally Pearson choose to be a athlete?

Sally Pearson choose to be an athlete because when she was in Primary School she did a lot of athletics and she has always had a natural talent for running.

What year did Sally Pearson start sport?


When did sally Pearson begin doing this sport?

no sorry I want to know about it!

What sport does sally Pearson do?

Women's High Hurdles/ 100m Hurdles

What is the most popular sport in the Olympics that people cheat in?

Hurtles because sally Pearson did

Does Sally Pearson have a husband?

Sally Pearson married Kieran Pearson in April 2010.

What does sally Pearson eat?

sally pearson eats food

When did sally Pearson get married what year?

Sally Pearson got married in 2010 to Kieren Pearson

What is sally Pearsons favorite hobbies?

Sally Pearson hobbies are playing tennis, basketball, and watching athletics movies. Including her favourite sport 100m Hurdles.

What do you think sally Pearson eats?

sally pearson eats everything

What does sally Pearson do in the Olympics?

Sally pearson does the 100m hurdles and the 100m sprint

When was Sally Pearson born?

Sally Pearson, Australian athlete, was born on September 19, 1986.

What school did Sally Pearson go to?

Sally Pearson went to Hawkesbury high school, NSW

How old is Sally Pearson?

Australian hurdler Sally Pearson is 30 years old (born Sally McLellan, September 19, 1986).

How much gold medals has sally Pearson won?

sally pearson has won 1 gold medal

How many gold medals has sally Pearson won?

Sally Pearson has won 5 gold medals

When did Sally Pearson get married?

Sally McLellan married Kieran Pearson on 3rd April 2010 on the Gold Coast.

How many medals has sally Pearson won?

Sally Pearson has won 5 gold medals. She is 32 years of age

Where was sally Pearson was born?

Australian athlete Sally Pearson was born on September 19th, 1986 in Sydney, Australia.

When was sally pearsons first Olympics?

when did sally Pearson start Olympics

Why was Sally Pearson stripped of gold?

Sally Pearson was stripped of her gold medal for 100m women's sprints when the England Team complained and complained about her apparent false start. This protest led to Pearson's disqualification.

How long did sally Pearson train for?

Sally Pearson trains 6 times a week. She does 5 track sessions as well as some gym and pool:-)

Where did sally Pearson go to school?

Sally Pearson went to GET A LIFE school no joke so find a better place to learn then this stupid website

Who is kieran Pearson?

Kieran Pearson is Sally Pearson(nee McLellan)'s husband. Sally is an australian hurdler/sprinter who has an olympic silver medal and several world and other medals. I am british but i still think Sally is the best hurdler eva!- i think Kieran and Sally have a dog