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Patrick Kane probably wanted to be a hockey player because he loves hockey and loves to play hockey. Also he is a great hockey player.

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Q: Why did Patrick Kane want to be a hockey player?
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What did Sidney Crosby want to be when he was little?

A hockey player

When does a Canadian hockey player want to be born?

In June

What does Justin bieber want to be besides a singer?

A hockey player. As he grew up, Justin worshiped hockey. His Fave player is Wayne Gretzky.

What did Justin Bieber want to be before a singer?

hockey player

How do you tell people that you play hockey professionally?

You can just say, "i am a professional hockey player" or call yourself an professional athlete in hockey. Anything you want really.

What should you eat if you are a hockey player?

Eat whatever you want because it will not matter

Have a Patrick roy hockey card from 1993 from classic pro hockey prospects want to know how much its worth?

This is probably the rookie card you have when Roy played for the CANADIENS its worth at least 300$ and if its signed maybe 1000$

What did Wayne Gretzky want to be when he grew up?

he wanted to be a pro. baseball player, but instead he went off to be a pro hockey player

What did justin bieber want to do besides a singer?

his second choice in life is a hockey/ sports player.

Why did Sidney Crosby want to be a hockey player?

he loved hockey at a young age. he started really young, and fell in love with it. he would pratice by shooting pucks into the dryer.

What kind of girl does sydney Crosby want?

Sidney isn't interested in girls!! He is a die hard hockey player and he doesn't have time for girls because hockey is his life right now.

Where did General Kane want to be buried when he died?

In Kane, the town he founded after the Battle of Gettysburgh

Can you have to small of a hockey stick?

Yes. A hockey stick should usually come between your nose and chin. It all depends on a player's preference whether they want to use a longer or shorter stick.

What Did Justin Bieber Want Growing up?

As a child, Justin Beiber wanted to grow up to be a professional hockey player.

Does Kane have rabies?

Yes Kane got rabies in 1995 after that then the undertaker and Kane stoped being brothers cause the undertaker didn't want to get rabies later on Kane shot undertaker in the eye

Did WWE every explain why Paul Bearer was Kane?

NO do to WWE Kane didn't want to bother after an injury

How many years should you train before you become a professanal hockey player?

10 to 20 years if you want to be really good

What did Justin bieber want before his career now?

Before becoming famous, justin wanted to become a professional hockey player.

Why do you have to wear skirts in field hockey?

Most leagues and competitions require that females wear skirts, but there is nothing in the rules of hockey that says a player must wear one. only girls if they want to

Why did Kane want explore?

because he wanted to

Why didn't undertaker want Kane to go back to WWF?

i think it is because Kane hates undertaker and undertaker hates Kane but they still support each other

Why did Kane where a mask?

kane wore a mask becaues he did not want to shave his hair and people made a foul of his hair

Ipl icl why not a hockey 20-20?

Because hockey is not played by overs. If you want a shortened version of the game, play summer hockey or indoor hockey.

What is the profit margin on ice hockey equipment?

It is the hockey stick and the puck if you want to do it you should

What can you do if all of a sudden your life long dream of becoming a hockey player is no longer important to you even though you want it to be?

If it's no longer important to you, move on.