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he did

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Q: Why did Michael Phelps almost not qualify for the 2012 Olympics?
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How did Michael Phelps almost die?


Who is Famous person won a swimming race recently?

Michael phelps, dara Torres, and many, many others on the American team. kudos to all of them!

What are facts about Michael Phelps?

There is so much to know about Michael Phelps. Heis an amazing person, and lets not forget a AMAZING swimmer! did you know he eats 12,000 calories a day? HE spends almost all of his time practicing and preparing for the Olympics! His favorite color is blue. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He does have ADHD too.

Who is more famous Michael Phelps or Nicki Minaj?

I can almost guarantee tha it is Nicki Minaj

What was Michael Phelps childhood like?

he almost dided one he got a dog bite on his neak

What was Michael Phelps' blood alcohol level when he had a second DUI charge?

For his second DUI charge, Michael's blood-alcohol content was .14, which is almost double the legal limit in the state of Maryland. Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history.

Who almost beat Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly event at the 2008 Olympics?

Milorad (Mike) Čavić was a Serbian swimmer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, whose parents moved to America a year before he was born in 1984 in Anaheim, California. He grew up in Irvine, California, attended the Univrersity of California at Berkely, and now lives in Islamorada, Florida. He is twice a gold-medalist at the European Championships. In the Olympic butterfly event, he won the silver medal, with a hairbreadth 1/100th sec 2nd place to Michael Phelps, who decided to try an extra stroke instead of gliding to the wall.

Can an athlete compete in different olympic sports or events?

Yes, but that is very, very rare since an athlete spends so much time training for a specific event. I know of two athletes, Jesse Owens and Carl Lewis of the United States, that won gold medals in the 100 meter dash and long jump. And there is Michael Phelps who won gold in the butterfly and freestyle events, although both are swimming events. If an athlete can qualify in more than one sport for the Olympics they may compete in all the sports they qualify for.

Will Michael Phelps go to jail?

of course not. his reputation may suffer a little bit, but that's all. almost every American would experience a jail-stay if that was the case :P

How can you meet Michael Phelps?

For starters, don't stalk him As far as casually and safely attempting to run into him, this is my guess: It's probably too late, but: you could have tried to hang out by the pool at the University of Michigan for the last four years, but Phelps is done with college and supposedly moving back to his hometown in Baltimore, Maryland after completing the Olympics. If he moves back home: hang around or try to get trained or lessons at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club, where his lifelong coach will be taking the CEO position there, after the Olympics. It's awful, but: become best friends with a Make-A-Wish kid who really loves Michael Phelps. It's almost impossible, but: you could become an Olympian yourself. At least you would get invited to the same parties. Other than that, pray. Pray really hard. But don't stalk. Go here for some more interesting info. and stats on the Phabulous Phenom Phelps:

How popular is the Olympics?

Very popular, almost 1,000,000 people watch it.

Whats Jack Turners favourite sport?

It is swimming he is almost in the olympics.