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He didn't his signature number is 23. Der

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Q: Why did Michael Jordan chose 28 as his signature number?
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Michael Jordan's number pick?

Michael Jordan chose number 23.

What number did Michael Jordan choose?

He chose number 23.

What year did Michael Jordan chose 23 as his signature number?

Michael Jordan idolized his brother. He thought he had half his skills. His brother wore 45. Half of that is 22.5. Round that off and that's 23, 23 must have been his favorite number out of the ones he has played under.

Why did Michael Jordan pick his number?

The link below has a great blog post on why Jordan chose 23.

Who has a better record Michael Jordan vs Larry bird?

I would chose Michael Jordan

Which number shirt has been worn by both Michael Jordan and David Beckham?

When David Beckham joined Real Madrid, he chose the number 23 shirt because of his admiration for Michael Jordan.

What number is Michael Jordan's brother's number?

45. MJ chose 23 because in high school he hoped to be half as good as his brother and there is no number 22.5

Why did Michael Jordan wear number 9?

In the Olympics, players can only wear the numbers 4-15. He wore 9. Why he chose that number...ask him.

Why did Michael Jordan chose number twenty three?

His brother Larry wore number 45 when he played in school. Jordan wanted half the number...and settled for 23. When he came out of retirement the firs time, he went back to the 45 number and then eventually setteed for the 23

When did Michael Jordan choose Number 23?

He chose it in High School. He came into the team and wanted to be number 45 but it was taken by his older brother, so he split in half and settled with 23.

What is Jordan shipley's number?

Jordan Shipley's number is 8. It is said that he chose 8 because of Troy Aikman. He was number 8 in college, he is number 11 in the pro's

How many jersey number has Michael Jordan had in his nba career?

We all know #23 and #45, however he had a game in Florida where his jersey was stolen and chose to where #12 for one game.

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