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It could possibly be related to Adidas, who featured KG in their campaign 'It takes 5'. While I do not know why he is wearing #5; the Celtics retired #21 in 1966 for guard Bill Sharman, so Garnett could not use it in Boston.

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"KP34″ as stitched on the tongue referencing KG's close friend and mentor, the late Kirby Puckett of the Minnesota Twins

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Q: Why did Kevin garnett change his jersey number?
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What is Kevin garnett jersey now?

Kevin Garnett wears the number 5 for the Boston Celtics. Before that he wore number 21 for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Kevin Garnett wears what number jersey?

When he was a timberwolf he was #21. Now he is #5 with the celtics.

What is Kevin Garnett's number on the Brooklyn Nets?

Kevin Garnett is number 2 on the Brooklyn Nets.

Who is number 15 on the Celtics?

Kevin Garnett, KG

What is Kevin Garnett's full name?

Kevin Maurice Garnett is Kevin Garnett's full name.

What number draft was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?

number 5

How long was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?

Kevin Garnett has played for 14 years. He is still playing.

Why did Kevin Garnett wear the number 21?

Kevin Garnett wore the number 21 when he was with the Timberwolves because it was the number worn by Malik Sealy when he played at St. Johns University.

What number does kg wear?

Kevin Garnett is #5

Paul pierce vs Kevin garnett?

Kevin garnett

Who is Kevin Garnett?

Kevin Garnett is the starting power forward for the Boston Celtics.

What is the sexual orientation of Kevin Garnett?

Kevin Garnett is straight, and married to a woman.