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Kentucky became known for raising horses because of thei horses and because the Kentucky Derby is the crown jewel and first race of horse racing's triple crown.

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Q: Why did Kentucky become known for raising horses?
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Is Kentucky known for dairy product?

No, I think Kentucky is more known for Kentucky blue grass and thoroughbred race horses (Kentucky Derby).

What state is known today for having fine horses?

Kentucky is the state in the United States that is known for having fine horses. Breeders from all over the world come to Kentucky to purchase horses from top breeders.

What state is known for race horses?


What is Kentucky known for?

While Kentucky is well-known for its fried chicken, it is most known for its thoroughbred horses and its many beautiful horse farms.

Indian tribe is known for raising appaloosa horses?

Nez Perce

Is a Morgan horse from Kentucky?

The Morgan did not originate in Kentucky but there are Morgans among the 155,000 horses of Kentucky. The Morgan got its beginning in Massachusetts although Vermont is better known for that breed.

Where in America is the Derby run?

For horses, the Derby in America, known as the Kentucky Derby, is run in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday in May every year.

What region of Kentucky is known for its horses?

That would be the Bluegrass region where the most Thoroughbreds are bred and born.

What are the top 5 horse producing states?

The top 5 horse producing states include Texas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri. Kentucky is known for the Kentucky Derby, hence their love for horses.

What sports are Kentucky known for?

Kentucky is known for the annual running of the Kentucky Derby horse race.

What area in Kentucky is known for its racehorse farms?

The Lexington Kentucky area is known for its racehorse farms. The Kentucky Derby is held in Louisville Kentucky each year.

What are the farming animals raised in Maine?

Horses, Cows, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Llamas, Beef Critters, Moose, Deer, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowls, Donkeys, Mules, and many more. Maine is commonly known for raising horses and cattle. Especially race/work horses and milking/beef cattle.

What is the Practice of cultivating land or breeding and raising livestock?

The practice is farming. It may be subdivided into market gardening or the raising of animals for meat production. Also known as agriculture. In modern times it has become more & more industrialised.

Where is the capitol of Kentucky the state known for its bluegrass?

Kentucky's capitol is located in Frankfurt, Kentucky.

How do you say horse in Australia?

Most horses are simply known as horses. Wild horses are known as brumbies.

What is Louisville Kentucky known for?

The Kentucky Derby and baseball bats.

What do you call people from Kentucky?

Residents of Kentucky are known as Kentuckians.

A group of horses is a?

A group of horses is also known as a "herd" of horses.

What is Kentucky State known for?

Horses, the Derby, Bourbon, KFC, Mammoth Cave, Lincoln's birthplace, Daniel Boone, tobacco, turkey hunting, Cumberland Gap, Red River Gorge, Fort Knox,

Which area in Kentucky is known for its racehorse farms?

A. Bluegrass, Kentucky A. The area around Lexington, KY. is known for the Thoroughbred (race) horse farms.

What is the fruit known for the Kentucky banana?

A Kentucky Banana is a paw-paw

What are Arabian horses known for?

Arabian horses are best known as the most fastest and most powerful horses in the world apparently because of their horse power

What is raising of milch animals known as?


What country is known for horses?

Spain is know for horses

What family do horses they blon to?

horses are known as equines