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he loved soccer so much he followed his dream

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Q: Why did Hugo sanchez become a soccer player?
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Is better Hugo sanchez o Diego maradona?

Hugo Sanchez was a legend in soccer and he is the second best player in history of soccer

Who is the best Mexican soccer player?

Hugo sanchez

Who is the biggest pro soccer player ever?

Hugo Sanchez

Who is the best Mexican soccer player ever?

Hugo Sanchez.

Football player of the year in 1994?

Mexican soccer player,Hugo Sanchez

Who was the most famous north American soccer player?

Hugo Sanchez according to Pelé.

Is Pele the best soccer player in the world?

NO,Hugo Sanchez is Viva los Mexicano's! HALA MADRID!

Who is the best Mexican soccer player who ever lived?

Hugo Sanchez who played on my favorite team Pumas.

Who is the greatest North American soccer player of all time?

hugo sanchez from mexico. dont believe me? wikipidea him

What are soccer names that start with the letter s?

Hugo Sanchez

Which are the best players in the football soccer history in Mexico?

Hugo sanchez

Why did Hugo sanchez want to play soccer?

he wanted to follow his dream

When Hugo sanchez played soccer where did his team practice?

azteca staduim

Who is Hugo sanchez?

A coach who is trianing his team ex national Mexican soccer player ex real Madrid player ex mexicsn soccer team coach

Are there any famous soccer players with asthma?

does Hugo Sanchez still have asthma

Famous Mexican football player?

Hugo Sanchez.

Is Hugo Sanchez dead?

No Hugo Sanchez is not yet dead.

What actors and actresses appeared in Untitled Hugo Sanchez Documentary - 2014?

The cast of Untitled Hugo Sanchez Documentary - 2014 includes: Hugo Sanchez

Best Mexican soccer player?

The best Mexican soccer player ever would probably be Hugo Sanchez. Some other players that might give him a run for his money would be Borgetti, and Cuathemoc, they are also favorites in Mexico. At the present time, andre guadado and Javier Hernandez are probably the gems of the team.

Who was the greatest Mexican soccer player?

Without doubt that would be Hugo Sanchez, the striker who spent the peak of his career playing for Spanish club Real Madrid and who was top scorer of the Spanish League five times.

Who was Hugo Sanchez mom?

Maria Sanchez

Who is the dad of Hugo sanchez?

Mario sanchez

Who are the top 3 soccer players ever?

1. Pele 2. Hugo sanchez 3. Diego Maradona

Who are some of Mexico's famous soccer players?

Hugo Sanchez. the other famous players are Hernandez (Manchester united), Marquez etc.

Are there any famous soccer players from Mexico?

Yes, Mexico's most famous soccer player was Hugo Sanchez who played for many years in Spain. He also played for Mexico's National Team for more than 15 years. Recently he tried, unsuccessfully, to coach the Mexican National Team, he was fired due to poor results.