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Q: Why did Hakeem Olajuwon leave his birth country?
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To leave ones country of birth is?

To leave one's country of birth is known as emigration or to emigrate.

Do you need a valid passport to leave the country by car?

usually need passport, birth certificate, ID, etc to reenter the country, so, yes,

Do stingrays leave their children at birth?

There is no nurturing from the mother. They leave after birth, commonly mating afterwards.

What age can you leave the country with parents permission?

You can leave the country in age 17+

How many months do you need on Australian passport to leave the country?

as soon as you have it in your hand you can leave the country.

What animals leave their young at birth?


What are some reasons that people might leave the country of their birth to move to another country?

1.want to live a better life2. there is war in there free to there religion4.want to be closer with family5.want to be more many murdersI would also like to add political persecution to the answer above

What does 'maternity leave' mean?

Maternity leave is a period of time a woman takes off work after (and shortly before) the birth of her baby. This time is sometimes paid and sometimes not paid. The time off allows the mother to bond with her new baby as well as recovering from the birth. The time allowed for maternity leave varies by company and by country. Some places now allow paternity leave so the father can take time off work too.

Why did Joseph leave his country?

Can pregnant mothers leave country to give birth without husband consent?

It certainly depends on the local laws in your area - it is best for you to seek legal advice. Good Luck .

Is it law that you need bta money to leave country?

Is it law that you need bta money to leave country of nigeria

There are visas in your passport do you still need to buy one to leave the country?

No, I do not believe that you have to still by one to leave the country.