Why did Fernando Torres move to Chelsea FC?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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He move to chelsea because he want to played champions league football and win trophys as well

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Q: Why did Fernando Torres move to Chelsea FC?
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Is Fernando Torres a footballer?

Fernando Torres is a pro footballer for Chelsea FC And the Spanish national team

Is Fernando Torres coming to Chelsea fc?

Fernando Torres will leave Liverpool, but may go to Spain.

What is Fernando Torres' kit number at Chelsea FC?

He is currently number 9 for Chelsea FC. (2012)

Who is the manager of footballer Fernando Torres?

Roberto di matteo - Chelsea FC

Who is Fernando torez?

Fernando Torres is a professional Soccer Player on the spanish national team and Chelsea FC

Are Chelsea FC bought Fernando Torres yet?

Yes He Signed For £50 Million

Will Torres be able to play for Chelsea in the champs leg against fc copenhagan?

No Fernando Torres is cup tied as he played for liverpool.

What did Fernando Torres do?

He's a famous and amazing footballer who plays for international team Spain and Chelsea FC

How many seasons has Fernando Torres played for Chelsea FC?

2011 and 2012 So that's 2 seasons.

What club did Fernando Torres play for before moving to Chelsea?

Before moving to Chelsea he used to play for Liverpool FC P.S Liverpool suck and Chelsea rule

Is Fernando Torres white?

Us he is a handsome White spanish footballer that plays for Chelsea FC and the spanish national team

Is Torres in Chelsea fc?