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AnwserThe reason why David Beckham changed his number is because in his early years of soccer his favorite NBA player was Michael Jordan. Michael's number was 23. Thus David changed it. Also when he plays for Milan his number is 80. ( Ronandihno No. 80)

Beckham chose to wear number 23

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Q: Why did David Beckham change his shirt number to 23?
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What is Shirt number for David beckham?

David Beckhams shirt number is 7 (seven)

What was David Beckham's shirt number at Preston North End?

It was 4

What number did David beckam wear?

David Beckham has been assigned the number 32 shirt at AC Milan. It had been previously speculated that Beckham would wear the number 75, the year of his birth; it has now been revealed however that David Beckham's shirt number is to be 32.

Which number shirt has been worn by both Michael Jordan and David Beckham?

When David Beckham joined Real Madrid, he chose the number 23 shirt because of his admiration for Michael Jordan.

Is Harper Seven Beckham called Seven because of David's football shirt number?

Yes. David always played with the number seven on his shirt.

What shirt numbers has David Beckham wore for England?

It was the number 7 jersey.

Michael Jordan and David Beckham share which number T-Shirt?


Which number shirt has David Beckham and Micheal Jordan both worn?


What is David beckhams shirt size?

David Beckham's shirt size is XL

What is David Beckham jersey number?

David Beckham currently wears the number 32 shirt for A.C. Milan where he is on loan from Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy. He usually wears the number 23 shirt for Los Angeles Galaxy.

Who is David Beckham's biggest enemy football player?

you in the Ronaldo shirt

Who wore the number 7 shirt for man utd?

The players who wore number 7 were Brian Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo.

How many shirts has David Beckham sold for LA galaxy?

1 shirt and a half.

Who has worn the number 7 shirt for England?

Beckham Not sure about others

What number did beckham wear on his man utd shirt?

7 and 10

Who has worn number 7 shirt for man united?

Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Owen Don't forget George Best

1994 Manchester United shirt signed by David Beckham and alex Ferguson beofer he was knighted is it worth anything?

If the shirt is match worn by Beckham with a credible cerificate of authenticity (CoA) then it is worth £500-£800. If it is only a replica shirt then £150-£250 (if you have a CoA or photo of them with the shirt).

What number shirt does david James play in?

Number 1

Name the two previous United players to don our club's colors in the 7 shirt?

David beckham and Eric Cantona

Players that have worn the number 7 shirt for Manchester united?

George Best Willie Morgan Bryan Robson Eric Cantona David Beckham Cristiano Ronaldo Michael Owen

Who wears number 7 jersey for Manchester United?

There were many who wore this shirt in the past, including George Best, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. The current player who wears this shirt is Michael Owen.

Did David Beckham play for Preston?

Yes David Beckham played for Preston North End, originally he played for Manchester United but was on loan for the 1994-95 season for one month. Beckham wore the number 4 shirt and played 5 games scoring 2 goals. One of his goals was scored from a corner making it the first ever goal directly from a corner for PNE.

What number did David Beckam have on his shirt when he played for Real Madrid?

he had number 23 on his shirt and kept it with la galaxy

Who where the last five players to wear the number 7 shirt for man united before Michael Owen?

Bryan robson, george best, Eric cantona, david beckham and Cristiano ronaldo

What shirt number does David Bentley wear for Tottenham?