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Christiano Ronaldo was sold to Sporting Lisbon football club , for a small fee as he was young and the major part was as Ronaldos father was a heavy drinker, and in heavy debt he was sols to make money to clear the debt.

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As Manchester United needed money they sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds.

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He wanted to go Real Madrid as he was not happy with Ferguson Champion league game in which Manchester United played for 8 minutes only. and a salary of 200,000 pounds was very tempting.

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Q: Why did Cristiano ronaldo want to go to real Madrid?
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because the coaches i think want Kaka and ronaldo to be team mates.

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Actually Ronaldo want to play for Schalke 04.And between man utd and Real Madrid he likes man utd because he appeared in many matches but scored less for man utd.On the other side In Real Madrid he did not have that freedom because all the match they forced him to score goal and was not that kind to him.

Cristiano Ronaldo moving to real Madrid?

hes only using man utd for their money i think it should be 10 mill plus ramos, sneijder and robininho no he is not movig to real madrid!!! staying at united!!!!!!!! y would he want to leave when we are he team that are winning all the awards and he is winning o many personal awrards!!!!!!! he cant stay at united for the rest of his career hes gonna need to move to another club sooner or later.

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because if he does get critsise by his fans they will go to his house and smash it up

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