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I believe when Mrs. Chenery was selling shares she didn't care whether they were American or British. It's possible the British breeder didn't want to spend that much money, many didn't. They were asking a huge amount of money at the time.

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Q: Why couldn't the English horse breeder get a share with Secretariat?
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What is the name of the horse of secretariat?

The answer to this question is Secretariat the horses name was secretariat.

What color was the horse secretariat?

Secretariat was a chestnut.

Was Secretariat an Arabian horse?

No. Secretariat was an American Thoroughbred.

Which horse was recorded fastest out of Ruffian and Secretariat?


Who was secretariat in secretariat?

secretariat was actually played by three different horses. three thoroughbreds and a quarter horse. each horse got a "makeover" in order to look exactly like secretariat.

What breed of horse was Secretariat?

Secretariat was a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred.

What horse fathered Secretariat?

Bold Ruler was Secretariat's sire.

Who was the horse who ran againist secretariat at the triple crown race?

Sham, a horse who had already beat Secretariat one.

What kind of horse is secretariat?

Secretariat, an American racehorse, was a Thoroughbred, a breed of horse that excels in sports (especially racing).

Was Secretariat a small horse?

Secretariat was 16.2 hands tall, or 5'5

How much did secretariat make his owners?

Secretariat..the horse? He made $1,316,808

What horse portrayed Secretariat in movie Secretariat?

Five horses played Secretariat - four Thoroughbreds, including Trolley Boy, and one Quarter Horse named Copper Locks.

What was Secretariat's registered horse number?

Secretariat's lip tattoo was Z 20669.

Is secretariat a female?

Secretariat is a Stallion (a male horse that has not been gelded/fixed)

What year did the race horse secretariat retire?

secretariat retired the year of 1987

Was Secretariat the horse the most famous race horse?

"Most famous" is relative. Secratariat was special, because he was just a regular horse. No famous sire, no extra famous breeder. He was the horse that represented the people. Little known fact: Secratariat suffered constantly from laminitis.

What is the name of the horse in the movie secrateriat?

Secretariat is the horse's name.

Is the horse from war horse and secretariat the same?

No the horse(s) that played Secretariat are chestnut. Whilst Joey is a bay, two different colors. But one of the horses in War Horse did play Seabiscuit.

How do you use secretariat in a sentence?

Secretariat won the Triple Crown of horse racing in 1973.

Who was the owner of secretariat?

The owner of the famous race horse, Secretariat, was Penny Tweedy (Chenery.)

Is secretariat still the fastest horse?


Who is a famous race horse?


What is the fastests horse's name?


What bred of horse was secretariat?

a Thoroughbred

What is a name for a fast horse?


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