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Because they wanna promote the level of their football under a more advanced football environment instead of the stupid Asian football association.

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Q: Why could Kazakhstan join the UEFA when they are an Asian country?
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Is kazakhstan in eastern Europe?

A part of the country is in Europe which gives the national football team a right to play in UEFA competitions.

Why does Russia play in the European cup?

Because it is a European country. It isn't a European country. Russia is in Asia look it up . . . . . . . . . . . . <<>>Russia and Kazakhstan are both UEFA countries.

IN which country are the UEFA headquarters?

Nyon, Switzerland

Why do Israel play in the European championships when there Asian?

If they played in the Asian Confederation, then because the qualifying groups are organised geographically, they'd be up against Syria, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, etc. I doubt FIFA (for all their faults) would let that happen any time soon... Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan also play under UEFA when they are geographicallly Asian as well.

Which country is the current champion of the UEFA European football championship?

As of June 2012, Spain is the UEFA champion.

Which country is the champion of UEFA Euro 2012?


Why do Azerbaijan play in the European qualifiers in football?

Azerbaijan used to be part of the Soviet Union, which was part of UEFA. When they gained independence their football team was given the opportunity to join UEFA or the Asian federation, and they chose the former.

Why is Israel in euro 2008 when its in Asia?

Israel plays in UEFA because almost every Arab country in Asia refuses to play with Israel, and some of the Arab nations in the Asian Football Association are still technically at war with Israel.

Which Country has won UEFA Euro most?

Portugal And Germany 3 Titles

Can club teams from same country meet in uefa champions league quarterfinals?


Who controls a football match in Europe?

Either UEFA, That country's Football Association or the referee.

What is EFA in FIFA 09?

EFA is the name used in FIFA 09 to represent the UEFA Tournament. They could not get the license to use the UEFA name and had to make it shorter.

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