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Q: Why coordination of efforts important?
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What is a coordination of efforts as in a game or group work?


Why is coordination in badminton?

coordination is the most important component

What is multi agency coordination?

Multi-agency coordination is two or more separate agencies coordinating their efforts. This is often seen in crime investigations.

What is eye hand coordination important for?

Eye-hand coordination is important for sports or when you have a really angry spouse and they throw things at you cause if you have eye-hand coordination than you can catch watever they are throwing.^_^

Is control more important than coordination during the cognitive stage of learning?

is ontrol and coordination important than cognitive stage of learning because thay ar important in our life

What is the key to effective joint fire support synchronization?

Thorough and continuous planning followed by aggressive coordination efforts and vigorous execution.

Why is coordination an important asset for a musician?

Musicians need to know certain notes to hit, with instraments and with their voices. Coordination helps with knowing that.

What are the major problems of coordination?

Some major problems of coordination include making sure everyone is working together and ensuring everyone has the same goal. Because everyone is different, it is often quite difficult to properly and efficiently coordinate efforts.

Why is coordination in rowing important and how can you improve it?

co-ordination is important because otherwise the boat will tip over

Which was an important part of Americans war efforts on the home war?

Which was an important part of Americans war efforts on the home war?Read more: Which_was_an_important_part_of_Americans_war_efforts_on_the_home_war

How has homeland securitys creation enhanced or hindered the coordination of federal law enforcement efforts?

By giving more power to the federal government and taking away from state.

Why is the hand eye coordination important for babies?

Coz they need to reach stuff innit?