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Q: Why car screen break into small pieces?
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How does the glass in car windows break?

It does not 'break', but rather it shatters. Automobile glass is designed (tempered) to 'shatter' into small cubic pieces so that it is less dangerous in case of an accident.

I can be thrown off a building and i won't break i can be thrown in a car and won't break but if you throw me in a river or an ocean i will break into pieces what am i?

A tissue.

Which part of the car wind screen is easy to break at the center or side.?

Any area that is curved will be harder to break.

Can a tiger shark eat a car?

It can eat parts of a car such as the license plates and any other pieces if they are small enough

Can you cook meat using a car battery and jumper cables?

No, you may be able to burn small pieces of meat but that is it.

Can I let my 9 month old play with a toy car?

A 9 month old should not be playing with small hotweels cars because the pieces can be eaten. If you want your child to have car toys make sure the pieces are very large and not swallowable.

What if you break into your own car?

You can break into your own car, but unlocking it is easier... In my opinion

Is it only spark plug ceramic that breaks windows or can any ceramic be used?

Any ceramic can be used to break windows, basically any hard substance formed into a small point will break a window as it is focusing all the impact force to a small area. Car windows are made with toughned glass that makes it considerably harder to break than normal household annealed glass. when you overcome the breaking strength of toughned glass it shatters and crumbles into small pieces that become less dangerous in an accident the exception to this is the glass used in car windscreens which is laminated safety glass this is two sheets laminated together a layer of vynl which will allow the glass to break but remain in place.

Task is to design paper car with 2 pieces of paper that will travel with the greatest momentum yet not break so how do I do that?

try making a cone shaped car with paper in the middle and a back to secure the egg

How can you separate small pieces of metal in the engine oil of a car?

that depends on the makeup of the small pieces of metal. Ferrous metals can be removed by using a magnetic oil drain plug. A magnetic oil drain plug can be difficult to find, but they will trap ferrous metal.

Could a small child break a car window with a small stone from 2 feet away?

if he threw hard enough and with a big enough stone probably

What happens to a car when it gets recycled?

The car will be stripped of any reusable parts then it is sent to a grinder that grinds it up into small pieces that are sorted out into piles of steel, aluminum, plastics, upholstery, etc.

If i throw a button at a car window will it break?

Will the button break? Or will the window break?It depends at the speed of the car and the material of the button. A small metal object hitting a car windscreen at high speed can break the window.A plastic button hitting the window of a stationary car will probably not do much harm, but a plactic button hitting the car window of a moving vehicle may do a lot of harm, not necessarily by breaking the window but by distracting the driver, which in turn may cause a fatal accident.Suggestion: Don't do it!

How do you break in someones car?

You can drive into the car you want to break when it is parked. It would be best to do this with an old, cheap car that you don't care about.

What is best for a car DVD wide screen or full screen?

Full screen... Kids like to watch movies on a big screen.

Can a car window break from dry rotting?

No! It can get cold and a slight hit might shatter it! If its laminated glass the laminate could turn yellow inside the 2 pieces of glass!

Does a mustang car break down easily?

no they do not break down

How many fuel filters are on a 1998 Monte Carlo?

It has one serviceable fuel filter under the car and one pick-up screen in the fuel tank and I believe there is a small screen in each fuel injector.

How many Lego to build the earth?

If you want a small earth you need about 300 pieces if you want a earth the six of a car tire i have done this one 30456

Can you break a lease on a car?

It is possible but not advisable to break a lease on a car. The car would be repossessed, and the repossession would go on your credit report.

What are the release dates for The Car Coach - 2011 Car Break Down?

The Car Coach - 2011 Car Break Down was released on: USA: 19 June 2012

How many pieces does the average car have?

around 10,000,000

What is a typical length of a small car?

What is a typical length of a small car?

How do you change a car brake hose?

u break the car

What board game has car shaped tokens?

The game "Life" has car shaped pieces.