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Because one, it's against the rules of soccer worldwide and two, the game would turn into Rugby with a soccer ball.

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Q: Why cant you touch the ball like the goalie can?
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What is the similarities between soccer and basketball?

the both have the word ball in them and that means the differince is that in basket ball you can hold the ball like touch it and in soccer you cant touch the ball so.................... their not the same.

Can goal keeper in football kick ball outside of penalty box?

Yes, the goalie can play as if he/she is just like any other player on the field. The goalie looses his/her ability to touch the ball with their hands if they are outside the penalty box, but they get the same privileges as all the other players. Hope it helps!

When the goalie receives the ball from his own players can he pick it up?

No. If the last player to touch the ball was a member of the same team as the goalie, s/he can only handle it like any other player (use chest, legs, head, etc.). The goalie can also not pick up the ball anywhere outside the 18-yard box. Goalies can be involved in attacking elements of a game, but outside their own box they have to behave as any other player. For instance, if a goalie goes to the other team's box to be a part of a corner kick, s/he could only head or kick the ball in, not punch it in or in anyway touch it with his or her hands. Obviously, having a goalie leave their own box is risky, especially since many goalies are uncomfortable playing the ball with their feet (at least compared to outfield players).

Why does the goalie kick in the ball?

When the ball goes out of bounds off the other team, this is called a "Goal Kick" this is when you put the ball on the inside box line, and kick it. Kindof like a free kick. The goalie can kick the ball, but typically, any player on the kicking team can kick it.

Can the goalie hold the ball outside the 18-yard box area off the ground?

If the ball is completely outside of the penalty area then the goal keeper may not touch it with his hands. Doing so will result in a direct free kick for the opposition at the location of the touch, just like any other player. Where the goal keeper's body is at the moment of the touch does not matter.

What is stroke in hockey?

The most scary thing you will ever do in field hockey. Defiantly if your the goalie.To get a stroke, the goalie has to make the ball unplayable (example: the goalie sits on the ball) or if a player otherthan the goalie blocks the ball from a goal with any body part (example: hands or feet).This penalty is just between one player and the goalie. The goalie stands on the goal line and the player places the ball on the stroke line (the foot long line, about 5 steps in front of the goal line).The ref will say "goalie ready" and then "stroker ready". When both say yes, they will blow their whistle The stroker will then attempt to hit the ball into the goal and the goalie block it.About 80% of the time, the ball will make it into the goal. Lol, not the best thing to hear if your a goalie (like me). But don't worry, strokes are VERY rare.

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How many bounces can you do in netball?

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What is the difference between punting and kicking?

well punting is like when the goalie gets it after she or he blocks it where he or she has the ball in there hands then drops it to punt it kicking is just like running up to a ball and kicking it while it is on the ground not in the air

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Yes, just like people can go into a goal and block the ball even when theyre strikers, midfield and defenders.

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Is it legal to use the shoulder to play the ball in like with your foot in soccer?

Yes the ball is allowed to touch your shoulder but not your arm.

What is touch in soccer?

Its pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Any time you make contact with the ball it is called a touch. It is most often referred to as the foot touching the ball though.

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You can pass the ball to the wing or into the circle or if you play with a team like mine drag the ball around the defender and make the goalie com at you same thing to him/her and easy goal

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