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because it's not Basketball

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Q: Why cant you run with the ball in netball?
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What game is fun but you can't run with the ball?

It is netball. You can't run with the ball. If you do the other team will get the ball.

What is the first rule of netball?

A player is not allowed to run with the ball.

What rule is the player breaking if they run with the ball in netball?

The player is breaking the rule of no running with the ball in you r hands

What other sport got something to do with basketball?

Netball is kinder like bball but you cant move with the ball

Why the ball is used in netball?

If there was no ball it would not be called netball it would be called net

What are the vital rules for netball?

never run with the ball, hold the ball for three seconds only, never push or bump someone on purpose for this is contact.

What size ball is used in netball?

a size 4 ball is used for high 5 netball (which is what younger players play) and a size 5 ball is what is used in 7s netball which is what adults play x

How do you start the game of netball?

you stand by your opponent and the referee throws the ball in the air and who ever gets it can run to their net

What did the name netball come from?

Netball is a shooting game, but the question is why is netball is called netball, because in netball your throwing the ball in the net so that's called net and the ball that your playing with is called ball so that is ball Net ball

What are some disadvantages of netball?

well, it depends on what you think of netball...Theres a allot of good things but there are bad things as there it in every sport. I play netball and it is a good sport but here's the 'bad' things about it...Netball is a no contact sport. but you do get the odd injury.aggressions... players go over the top, and are very cant run with the ball i would have to say...that's about all Iv got sorry but I'm glad if This helped you! :)

What is the rule of playing netball?

you cant move with the ball and you need 7 players in each tam you have to stick to the certen area that your meant to and that is all

What are the main rule's of netball?

1 you can't run with the ball 2 no contact 3 cant move your landing foot when u have the ball 4 you have to stay in your certain area.