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because boys do other stuff than the girls

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Q: Why cant girls and boys be on the same gymnastics team?
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Why do girls do gymnastics?

For the same reason that boys do gymnastics - because they enjoy it and to keep fit.

What is the same about cheerleading and gymnastics?

Flips, you have to be flexible and most of the time, they're girls. But boys do it a lot, too.

Who has more fashion boys or girls?

girls have more fashion because girls have over a million dresses and boys have a couple of tuxedos to chose from.Also boys cant wear skirts{only in irland]and boys cant wear dresses and girls can.Boys have to wear the same thing every day pants and a shirt.

How can boys love boys?

Boys love boys the same way girls love boys and boys love girls. It's simple, they are just attracted to one another. How can girls love boys and how can boys love girls? Same answer.

Why do parents treat girls and boys differently?

Boys and girls are NOT the same.

Who is faster girls or boys?

Boys and girls can be the same speed, it depends on how nimble they are.

How do boys hump boys?

The same way girls hump girls or guys hump girls.

Why do boys lie to girls?

For the same reasons girls lie to boys. Either they like him/her

How did the education of Jewish boys and girls differ?

Education of Jewish boys and girls are the same.

Why are boys and girls the same?

W-what the Hell? Girls have vaginas and boys have penises, dumbwad!

Why girls are better than boys in whatever they undertake?

girls are just better than boys at everything. We're smarter, stronger, and ALWAYS right. Boys just cant do anything right because they aren't at the same level that girls are on. If the world was perfect, girls would rule everything and boys would be our personal slaves (:

Do boys and girls have the same experience?

in what???????????????????????????????????????

Are boys meaner than girls?

Boys and girls can be the same amount of mean.

Why cant you ask a boy out?

says who? Girls have the same right to express as boys. You could feel free to ask a boy out but remember that it is up to him to accept as if the case was a boy asking a girl out. Boys and Girls are equal.

Is female the same as boys?

No. Females are girls, males are boys.

What events do you do in boys gymnastics?

Boys do 6 events were as girls do four they also can get higher scores but they're worth the same. Their events are; rings, pommel horse, floor, vault, high bar and parallel bars.

How do girls flirt with girls?

The same way they flirt with boys.

Do boys have more bones than girls?

No, boys have the exact same bones as girls 206!

Is the ratio of boys to girls 2 to 3 the same as girls to boys 3 to 2?

Yes they are.

Was there a difference between Mayan boys and girls?

The same difference between boys and girls everywhere.

Who needs more energy boys or girls?

Both boys and girls need the same amount of energy as long as they do the same activities.

Do boys and girls experience the same changes?

do boysand girls experience that the same changes?why?

Should parents treat their teenage girls the same as they treat their teenage boys?

Well, it depends what you mean by that, boys and girls act differently, and have different intrests and habbits, so you cant really treat them exacly the same, theres always a difference from a boy and a girl.

Why do boys blush?

Same reason girls do.

How do girls poop?

the same way boys do