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You can tread water longer because your body is more bouyant in the salt water. You don't have to work as hard to keep afloat, so it takes longer to get exhausted to the same degree. However, another factor must be taken into consideration, and that's temperature. The colder the water, the more energy must be expended to stay warm, so the more quickly the swimmer will become fatigued.

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Q: Why can you tread water longer in an ocean than in a swimming pool?
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Are there sharks in the water if you go swimming?

If you go swimming in the ocean, or river bays near the ocean, yes.

Does the depth of the pool effect your swimming?

A shallow pool will not allow large swim strokes and will not require you to tread water. Deeper water will not let you swim underwater for long distances without stopping to tread water.

Why is it important to be able to tread water?

You will be able to survive for longer than just standing there

What device is used to fill a swimming pool with ocean water?

Is your pool equipment equipped to handle ocean water?

Where is swimming mostly played?

swimming is done in pools or any where with water like lakes or the ocean .... it is not played because its not a game

Is synchronised swimming a sport?

yes synchronized swimming is a sport because they do work outs and and swim laps every practice and they have to be very strong to tread water for that kong, flexible to hold their legs up and such.

Why your skin doesn't wrinkle when swimming in the ocean?

maybe because of the salt in the water.

Can the ocean water make your hair grow longer?


The type of friction that exists for a shark swimming in the ocean is?

Fluid friction is the type that exists for a shark swimming in the ocean. It's related to drag force, which affects objects moving through water.

Why is it easier to float in the ocean than in a swimming pool?

It is easier to float in the ocean because of the high salt content in the water. It causes more buoyancy. The water in your pool is fresh water.

How long can a human tread water?

The ability of a human can tread water varies on many variables. The temperature of the water, a persons body fat, and the will to live. A marine has tread water for 22 hours in warm waters.

What are more words for water?

Aqua, ocean, sea, swimming pool, hope i helped you!

What are some False Facts about the Ocean?

that when you swim in the water you are actually swimming in fish pee

Why is the air cooler near the ocean than it is away from the ocean?

Because water heats slower. So if you were on land it would heat up alot faster than if you were swimming in the ocean.Because water heats slower. So if you were on land it would heat up alot faster than if you were swimming in the ocean.

What amphibians live in the ocean?

No amphibians live in the ocean. Not only do they not carry the swimming capability to live in such a vast amount of open water, but their skin is not equipped for salt water as well.

Can you use ocean water?

For what? If you mean, "Can you use ocean water for your swimming pool?" then, yes you can! If you were meaning to say, "Can you use ocean water for drinking?" then yes, you could use ocean water to drink if you like drinking salty water, or if you prefer tap water, you can have that instead. Please sign up on and tell me what you mean when you say, "Can you use ocean water?" :)Thanks! ;)

Why does the Colorado river no longer reach the ocean?

The Colorado River no longer reaches the Ocean because of all the water claims on it. So many people have bought water claims, and are using the water that as it flows from the mountains, south, it gets all used up before it can reach the Ocean! I believe that some reasearchers are trying to find a way to get more of the water into the Ocean.

Why does it take ocean water longer to freeze than freshwater?

because salt takes longer to freeze than anything in fresh water

Is it dangerous to be on the ocean in a lightning storm?

yes because lightning is attracted to water so if it hits the ocean while your swimming in it there is a good chance you will get electrocuted

Do you like to go swimming in the ocean?

yes but the salt water stings my eyes and tastes absolutely terrible!

Why is sea water warmer than swimming pool water?

Well, large bodies of water take longer to heat or cool than land does, so a swimming pool will be a bit cooler... ... I think so....

How does a car hydroplane?

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires' tread is unable to expel enough water to maintain a rubber contact patch on the road. The function of tread is to allow the "high" part of the tread pattern to cut through by forcing water (and other road grit) into channels and grooves surrounding the tread blocks. When the water gets too deep for the tread grooves to cut through it and force it between the tread blocks, the "high part" of the tread blocks lose contact with the pavement and looses traction by hydroplaning.

Will fresh water stay frozen longer than salt?

Yes, fresh water (pond, stream) stays frozen longer than salt water (salt water lake, ocean).

Why is it easier to learn swimming on the sea than on the swimming pool?

The ocean water contains lots of salt - there is a greater buoyancy factor in salt water as opposed to filtered water without salt. Because the denisty of the salty water is higher than that of fresh water, which means that salty water lifts you more than fresh, which make swimming easier.

Why is tire tread important?

Increases grip if there is water on the roadway the water can enter the holes in the tread and not interfere as much with the rubber contact with the road.

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