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A Baseball ways like a pound and a car ways like a ton..but you could try it

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Q: Why can you stop a baseball by catching it but not a moving vehicle?
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What makes a ball stop moving?

Sheer cantankerousness. Terminal lethargy. Catching it. Nailing it to your front door.

What is the purpose of brake?

A brake is a mechanical device designed to stop the motion of a moving vehicle or keep a stationary vehicle from moving. It has the same function as an anchor for a ship.

Who is at fault when car parked in the middle of a court is hit?

Generally the one moving as The expectation is that the driver of a moving vehicle is in control of that vehicle and can safely stop before hitting a stationery object.

Why do you fall when you jump from a moving vehicle?

You fall when you jump from a moving vehicle because you get the moving vehicle speed and immediately you have your feet on a stable ground and you have either to stop all of sudden or to run at the vehicle speed (that is higher than your capacity) .

Which of these two object is harder to stop moving at the same speed a pingpong ball or a baseball?

More force is required to stop a baseball's motion.

The function of a brake drum or rotor is to act as?

Friction device used to stop a moving vehicle.

What is the Fee for Virginia Vehicle Moving Violation Charge. Disregard for Stop Sign 46.2-821?

I paid $92 for Disregard for Stop Sign in Virgina

Why it is hard to stop a fast moving heavy vehicle?

well think, because its going very fast and the wight makes it slower to stop fast.

Can you pass a moving school bus on a back country road?

You may treat a school bus as you would any other vehicle as you would as long as its flashing lights are not on and its stop sign is not out. If it is still moving and has its red lights on and its stop sign out, you should stop even though it has not come to a complete stop.

Do fish die if they stop moving?

Fish do not die when they stop moving. Infact, they sleep NOT moving.

Do molecules stop moving when equilibrium is reached?

No they never stop moving

Why does a moving truck takes a much longer time to stop than that taken by a car when brakes are applied on both?

The reason that it takes a moving truck a much longer time to stop than it takes a car to stop when the brakes are applied on both is because the truck weighs more. The more mass a vehicle has the longer it will take to stop.

What are the purposes of car brakes?

The purpose of car brakes is to slow or stop the car when it is moving. They are use at intersection where there are traffic control signals to stop the car when a signal is red or to slow a vehicle when the cars in front are moving slower than the car behind.

What happens when the molecules in water stop moving?

Molecules NEVER stop moving.

What happens when the planets stop moving?

Planets can not stop moving, your question is pointless.

How do tectonic plates stop moving?

It will stop moving in 200 million years.

Why would vehicle shut off while moving slowly?

i have a 2000 Nissan sentra and it sometimes shuts off while moving slowly or when coming to a stop, is there a way to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it

How do you stop catching Magikarps?

dont throw a pokeball at it!

How does a tin box stop fireworks from Catching Fire?

Tin containers stop fireworks from catching fire because tin does not ignite, hence stopping fire from getting into or out of the container.

When an object Is not moving it is at?


What is the science behind breaks?

The science behind BRAKES is that you use friction to convert kinetic (moving) energy into heat energy to stop a vehicle.

Can the baja doodle bugs tires stop it from moving?

If you apply the brakes it can stop it moving.

What is the phase of mitosis when the chromosomes stop moving?

Anaphase ends when the chromosomes stop moving.

When passing another vehicle can can exceed the posted speed limit?

According to the law: No. In reality: If you have to momentarily exceed the limit to safely pass a slower moving vehicle, the police will rarely stop you.

What does the idiom to catch a bus mean?

get to the bus stop before the bus pulls off. To "catch" a bus, train, plane, or other vehicle just means that you got there on time and boarded. The image is of you chasing after the vehicle and catching it so you can climb on.